Media September1, 2016 Lower Providence Board of Supervisors Meeting

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Chairman’s Comments
1. Consent Agenda – Consideration to approve minutes; accept all reports and other agency
minutes and approval of fiscal matters:
a. Minutes: The minutes of the Board of Supervisors meeting of August 18, 2016
will be reviewed and accepted.
b. Fiscal Matters
1. Treasurer & Cash Flow Report
2. Bill Payment – To Bracalente Construction, Inc. in the amount of
$290,855.88 for 2016 road improvement project
3. Authorization to enter maintenance stage: LD-03-13- Shannondell
Meadows 2
Motion to Accept Consent Agenda ___ Second ___ Vote ___ Abstained ___
2. Presentations
a. Presentation to Michael Nester recognizing 10 years of service with the Lower
Providence Township Parks & Recreation Department.
b. Presentation to Officer Matthew Barber recognizing 5 years of service with
the Lower Providence Township Police Department.
c. Presentation by Charles Friedlander of Municipal Finance Partners on the
2017 Minimum Municipal Obligation.
3. New Business
a. Consideration of a resolution approving the preliminary/final land
development plan of S-16-16 / Rowe Tract, 222 Collegeville Road-Mikelen,
Motion ___ Second ___ Vote ___ Abstained______.
b. Consideration of a resolution approving submission of PA DEP Act 537
Planning Module Submission for Audubon Square V.
Motion ___ Second ___ Vote ___ Abstained______.
c. Consideration of application process and associated fees for the Delaware
Valley Insurance Trust.
Motion ___ Second ___ Vote ___ Abstained______.
d. Consideration of reappointments of student representatives to the Parks and
Recreation Board.
Motion ___ Second ___ Vote ___ Abstained______.
e. Discussion of 2017 Budget meeting schedule.
Motion ___ Second ___ Vote ___ Abstained______.
4. Announcements
? Parks and Recreation Board meeting - Sept. 13 at 7 p.m.
? Sewer Authority meeting - Sept. 14 at 7:30 p.m.
? The Township's Fall Festival will be held Saturday, Oct. 1 from 11 a.m. to
4 p.m. in Eagleville Park. More information can be found on the Events and
Happenings page of the Township website,
5. Comments and Other Business
6. Courtesy of Floor (not to exceed 3 minutes per person)
7. Adjournment

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