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MARCH 14, 2018
AGENDA (Revised March 14, 2018)
Work Session (Discussion – 5 Minutes Each):
? Adelphia Pipeline Project (SD)
? Janssen Roof Project (SM)
? Transportation (Staff) Committee (SL)
? Local Traffic Issues (SD)
? Development Plan Review (Staff) Committee (SL)
1. Action Meeting (SD):
a) Call to Order By Chair
b) Pledge of Allegiance
c) A moment of Silence for Chief Dooley
d) Swearing in of Elected Auditor – Brian Sheridan by Honorable John R. Bailey
e) Name That Park Contest – Announce new name of park (SB)
f) 2018 Earth Day & Great American Clean-up – Proposed for Sunday April 22
g) Public Comment: General (For items not specifically listed on the Agenda)
h) Reports and Communications from Boards and Commissions:
i. East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association – President & Chief (GS &
ii. Volunteer Boards & Commissions – Chairs (In Attendance)
1. Board Motions & Resolutions (Consider Board Action):
a) Authorization to seek design consultant for preparation of Master Plan for future
phases of Swanenburg property (SB)
b) Authorization to seek design consultant for preparation of trail plan for the Sidley
Road/Mill Road and Moores Road connection to the Chester Valley Trail (SB)
c) Approve Recommendation from Pension & OPEB Board of Trustees for
Investment Allocations in Police Pension Fund (CK)
d) Approve Roadway Sufficiency Analysis Report (NM)
2. Public Hearings (JM):
a) Act 209 Transportation Capital Improvements Plan – Advertised for Tuesday
March 20 at 4pm
3. Board Motions & Resolutions (Continued; Consider Board Action)
a) Motion to Advertise:
i. Proposed Zoning Amendments for Multi Family Route 30 Overlay
District (JM)
ii. Bids for Replacement of Valley Creek Park Retaining Wall Project (WS)
iii. Planebrook Road Regional Pump Station Project (WS)
iv. Bids for Adaptive Traffic Signal System on Lancaster Avenue. (CY)
b) Motion to Award (WS): None
c) Consider Sending Township Solicitor to Zoning Hearing Board to Support or
Oppose (SB): None
4. Plans (SB):
a) Consider having the Solicitor draft resolutions for consideration at the March
meeting for the following developments: None
b) Consider motion to approve resolutions for the following land development plans
i. None
5. Consent Agenda:
a) Approve Meeting Minutes from February 14, 2018 and February 27, 2018 (DW)
b) Amend Sewer Improvements Agreement for Townes of Malvern (WS)
c) Approve Conditional Job Offer for Planning & Development Director (JN)
d) Approve Conditional Job Offer for Customer Service & Social Media Coordinator
e) Approve Tax Assessment Appeal Settlement (JN) - None
f) Consider Extension of Time for Board to Render a Decision for the Following
Projects (SB): None.
6. Reports and Communications from Township Staff:
a) Department Heads & Managers (Police Chief, Public Works Director, Zoning
Officer, Property & Recreation Director and Planning & Development Director).
b) Township Manager
7. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report (CK): As of December 31, 2017 (Amended)
8. Ratification of the Payment of Bills (CK): Checks Totaling $1,039,757.91
9. Announcements:
a) Executive Sessions were held on February 22 at 1pm, February 27 at 3:30pm,
March 8 at 4pm and March 14 at 6pm (all sessions were held to discuss personnel
10. Meeting Adjournment

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