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East Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors
June 14, 2017
1. Public Work Session: 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.
2. Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
3. Announcements:
• Chester County Household Hazardous Waste Event: Coatesville Learning Center, 1635
East Lincoln Highway, Coatesville, PA. Friday, June 23rd 9am to 3pm. No Electronics
Will be Accepted - for acceptable items go to
• Executive Sessions were held on May 10, 2017 (Post Meeting), May 24, 2017 at 4:30pm
and June 7, 2017 at 7pm.
• Valley Creek Park – Ribbon Cutting was held on Wednesday June 14 at 5:15pm.
4. Commendations:
• Police Officer John Kopacz – Promotion to Sergeant, Traffic Division
• Firefighters & Emergency Medical Technicians Greg Lewis & Raymond Stackhouse –
Attained Bachelor Degrees in Public Safety Administration with High Honors
• Firefighters & Emergency Medical Technician Greg Lewis - Fire Officer Designation
5. Public Comment: General
6. Reports and Communications from Boards, Commissions and Township
• East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association - President
• Chairs - Volunteer Boards & Commission(s) – All in Attendance
• Department Heads & Managers (Public Works Director, Zoning Officer, Police
Chief, Planning & Development Director)
• Township Manager
7. Board Motions & Resolutions (Consider Board Action):
a. Bishop Tube:
i. Consider Applying for Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act Host Municipality Technical
Evaluation Grant ($50,000)
ii. Consider content of comment letter to DEP on revision to Perspective Purchaser
b. Discuss Birch Road project status – Resident survey results
c. Opposition to PA House Bill 1213 – Prohibits Taxing Authorities from appealing underassessed
June 14, 2017 – Board of Supervisors Agenda Page 2
d. Resolution 23-2017 in support of a Citizen’s Commission for Legislative and
Congressional Redistricting
e. Approve DCED grant application for Early Intervention Program
f. Approve Finance Committee recommended 2016 CAFR fund balance assignments
g. Approve Distribute Requests for proposal for major sewer projects design
h. Approve 2017 Vehicle Replacements Budgeted for $238,000
i. Motion to Award :
i. 2017 Street Improvement Project
ii. Planebrook Road Force Main Project
iii. Vehicle and Equipment Sales
j. Consider Sending Township Solicitor to Zoning Hearing Board to Support or Oppose:
i. ZHB 2017-11 – 255 Lancaster Avenue, Lidl US Operations LLC for a variance to
disturb areas of man-made steep slope and very steep slope for purposes of
constructing a driveway and parking lot associated with a grocery store.
ii. ZHB 2017-12 – Tax Parcel No. 42-3-130 (South of Swedesford Road and west of
Bacton Hill Road), Whiteland Holdings LP for a variance to permit a
“construction crew remote office, warehouse/storage yard and daily mustering
point” associated with pipeline construction.
iii. ZHB 2017-13 – 25 Charles Street, Rudolph Fedor for variances to construct a
single family dwelling including for the use, front yard setback and setback from
a stream bank.
iv. ZHB 2017-14 – 12 Almy Drive, Greg Wirt for a special exception to place solar
panels on the roof of his home.
v. ZHB 2017-15 – 31 Morehall Road, Vanguard for variances from required number
of parking spaces, building height, building setback from streets, building spacing
and steep slope disturbance.
k. Consider waiver of land development for the following project:
i. Charles River/358 Technology Drive: Construction of temporary office trailer on
existing impervious area.
8. Public Presentations (No Board Action Anticipated)
a. Route 30 Corridor Study Presentation (McMahon Associates)
9. Public Hearings:
a. 53 Church Road Conditional Use Hearing - Application to permit an office use in a
Historical Resource structure located at 53 Church Road in the R-1 Single Family
Residential District
10. Consent Agenda – Board Motions & Resolutions
a. Approval of the May 10, 2017 meeting minutes
b. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report
c. Approval of the Payment of Bills
d. Approve $250 Donation for Historical Marker Commemorating Influence of Main Line
e. Ratify Workspace Properties Agreement for 2017 Summer Concert Series Parking
f. Accept Resignation of Finance Assistant
g. Ratify Residential Lease of 6 Mill Lane
June 14, 2017 – Board of Supervisors Agenda Page 3
h. Consider an extension of time for the Board to render a decision for the following land
development applications :
i. 9 Malin Road/Bishop Tube Preliminary Plans until September 14, 2017
ii. LIDL Preliminary and Preliminary final Plans until September 30, 2017
i. Approve PADOT TE-160 Form resolutions for
i. Lancaster Avenue Adaptive Project
1. Lancaster Ave and Route 202 SB Ramps
2. Lancaster Ave and Route 202 NB Ramps
3. Lancaster Ave and Phoenixville Pk
4. Lancaster Ave and Cinema Driveway
5. Lancaster Ave and Planebrook Rd
6. Lancaster Ave and Sproul Rd-Addison Ln
7. Lancaster Ave and Church Rd
8. Lancaster Ave and Westgate Village Dr
9. Lancaster Ave and Malin Rd
10. Lancaster Ave and Deerfield Ln
11. Lancaster Ave and Conestoga Rd
12. Lancaster Ave and Morehall Rd
13. Lancaster Ave and Old Lincoln Hwy
ii. Matthews Road/Foundry/202 Ramp
j. Motion to Advertise:
i. Bids for Adaptive Traffic Signal System on Lancaster Avenue
k. Authorize to sign Stipulation to Settle the Storage Partners of Paoli, Assessment Appeal
11. Meeting Adjournment

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