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July 12, 2017
1. Public Work Session: 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.
2. Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
3. Announcements:
• Executive Sessions were held on Wednesday, June 14 at 6pm and Tuesday, June 27 at
• Submission of letter to PA DEP regarding Perspective Purchaser Agreement was made
on July 7, 2017
4. Commendations: None
5. Public Comment: General
6. Reports and Communications from Boards, Commissions and Township
• East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association - President
• Chairs - Volunteer Boards & Commission(s) – All in attendance
• Police Chief – Accept retirement notice of Sergeant Daniel Wilson, effective June 30,
• Department Heads & Managers (Public Works Director, Zoning Officer, Police
Chief, Planning & Development Director)
• Township Manager
7. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report
8. Approval of the Payment of Bills and Payroll
9. Public Presentations (No Board Action Anticipated)
10. Board Motions & Resolutions (Consider Board Action):
a. Bishop Tube:
i. Consider revision to support letter for Industrial Sites Reuse Program Grant ($1
Million) for Bishop Tube
ii. Down East Park – Consider Approval of Drilling Access Agreement
b. Approval of Friends of the Chester Valley Trail - Bike Fix-it at Battle of the Clouds
c. Motion to Advertise:
i. Bids for Deer Run Pump Station Generator Replacement Project
July 12, 2017 – Board of Supervisors Agenda Page 2
ii. An ordinance amending sections §200-14 and §200-55 of the Township Zoning
Ordinance regulating Definitions and Flood Hazards Districts
d. Consider sending Township Solicitor to Zoning Hearing Board to support or oppose:
i. 2017-16 – 77 Bacton Hill Road, Robert Benedix, for a variance to allow a 19.8’
building setback versus the 35’ requirement for an addition and from parking
standards to allow 27 spaces when 40 would be required.
ii. 2017-17 – 614 Stonecliffe Drive, John Heffner for a variance to permit the
construction of a portion of a deck in the 15’ rear yard setback.
iii. 2017-18 – 77 Malin Road, Tom Miles for a variance to allow a larger and taller sign
for a business in a historic property located in a residential zoning district
e. Consider approval of SEPTA Planning Module application for the Frazer Road
Expansion Project
11. Consent Agenda - Board Motions & Resolutions:
a. Approval of the June 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes
b. Consider extension of time for the Board to render a decision for the GVCO Preliminary
Plan until September 13, 2017
c. Approval of Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement with Charles Higgins & Sons,
renewal for 12 Months effective August 1, 2017
d. Ratify Delaware Valley Health Trust Agreement Renewal as of February 1, 2017
e. Approval of Sewer Rate & Tapping Fee Study Proposal with Keystone Consulting
f. Approve Resolution 38-2017 Amending the Fee Schedule for Zoning Hearing Board
Applications - Commercial & Residential
g. Approve Sanitary Sewer Easement Agreement for 60 Planebrook Road
h. Approve Operations & Maintenance Service Agreement for Malvern Hunt Wastewater
Treatment Plant from ARRO
i. Approve Consulting Proposal with Human Resources Consultant
j. Approve Consulting Proposal with Finance Consultant
12. Plans (SG):
a. Consider motion to have the Township Solicitor draft a resolution for a proposed
subdivision plan located at 6 Frame Avenue to divide one lot into two. No building is
proposed on the new lot. The property is split zoned between the R-2 Residential and the
VMX Village Mixed Use District.
b. Consider motion to have the Township Solicitor draft a resolution for a proposed
construction of a 19,054 sf ALDI grocery store at 11 Matthews Road, with associated
parking and stormwater improvements. The property is zoned O/BPS Office Business
Park Services and is approximately 2.9 acres in size.
13. Meeting Adjournment

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