Media January 13, 2015 Phoenixville Borough Council Meeting

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New Business
IX. Resolutions
A. Consider a Resolution acknowledging the Donation of the Borough
Christmas Tree from Joseph and Linda Bishop.
B. Consider a Resolution authorizing professional services for the Borough of
Phoenixville for the calendar year 2015.
X. Public Hearings
A. Consider an Ordinance Amending the Phoenixville Borough Code to add
New Chapter 1 “Administration and Government” Part 3 “Participation of
Council by Telecommunication Devices” to allow Borough Council to
participate and vote during Council Meetings by means of
telecommunication devices in accordance with the Pennsylvania Borough
Code.B. Consider an Ordinance Amending Chapter 15, “Motor Vehicles and
Traffic”, Part 2 “Traffic Regulations,” Section 15-207 “One-way Roadways
Established” and Part 4, “General Parking Regulations,” Section 15-406
“Handicapped Parking Zones” of the Code of Ordinances of the Borough
of Phoenixville.
XI. Reports of Committees, Boards, and Commissions
A. Planning Commission
1. No Action to Report
B. Historical Architectural Review Board
1. No Action to Report.
C. Regional Planning Commission
1. Mr. Kuznar to Report.
D. Recreation Board
1. Ms. Dugan to Report
XII. Council Action referred from Committee
A. Police and Personnel Committee
1. Consider reappointment of Donald Coppedge as Vacancy Board
Chairman for 2015. (Recommended in Committee 4-0).
2. Consider appointment of Michael Cianci to the Zoning Hearing
Board. (Recommended in Committee 3-0).

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