Channels Lower Providence Township September 18th 2014 - Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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New Business
A) Discussion and consideration of traffic impact fee requirement for Terra Landscaping, 3481
Germantown Pike.
i) Solicitor Rice presented the background of the project noting that the only issue to be
resolved was the traffic impact fees and if they should, or how, be paid.
ii) A short discussion was held regarding resolved issues including grading the site distance
issues and approaches. Mr. Woodrow stated that they have come to a resolution as to the
open issues pursuant to the Resolution.
iii) Mr. Moore said that a 2007 study, updated in 2009, a certain amount of trips were attributed
to land development. The study has been reviewed and they have reduced the requirement of
net trips from 48 trips to 14 new trips. Recommendation was for 14 new trips multiplied by
the impact for a total of $9,342.26 as the impact fee for the project
iv) The applicant, Fred Oskanian, clarified that an agreement had been reached and that he
would get a credit against the fee for grading and/or putting in a streetlight. Mr. Gestrich
agreed that the Township had agreed to this.Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
September 18, 2014
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v) Mr. Moore explained the process for how the work will proceed. He also stated that because
it is an ordinance item, the location is at the confluence of two public streets, and a 2007
traffic study showed high crash rate because of a restricted clear site triangle, he
recommended that the Board consider putting a streetlight at the location.
vi) Questions from the Board: Supervisor Sorgini asked if the county was requiring this. Mr.
Moore said they were not. Supervisor Zimmerman clarified that it was the Traffic Engineer
who suggested a streetlight be installed. Mr. Primus said it costs about $1,500 to $1,800 to
install a light. Supervisor Duffy asked if cost of grading had been determined. Mr. Moore
said that it had not but since some work was to be done by the applicant he estimates that it
would be approximately $3,000 to $4,000. Supervisor Duffy clarified that that the Township
would credit the streetlight toward the applicant’s traffic impact fee. Supervisors Duffy and
Zimmerman supported giving credit for the cost of the streetlight.
vii)Mr. Oskanian asked if there could be a cap on the cost of the streetlight. Mr. Primus said the
$1,500 to $1,800 was a pretty solid number. Mr. Moore stated that the grading should take
roughly a day. Mr. Woodrow said this could be considered maintenance rather than
construction, which would affect how it goes before the county.
viii) MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman made the motion that the applicant pay the traffic
impact fee but be credited against that fee for work completed at the intersection and for the
streetlight. Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion.
(1) Kristina O’Donnell, Stoughton Road, stated she has observed Terra Landscaping trucks
blocking the intersection at Grange and expressed concern that the proposed plan would
not jeopardize safety. Chairwoman Eckman questioned Mr. Moore, confirming that once
the improvements have been made, per the resolution, this will no longer be an issue.
Supervisor Sorgini said that Mr. Moore had indicated in conversation that the new
driveway would double the distance from the intersection allowing for the trucks to stack
The motion passed 5-0.
B) Discussion and consideration of preliminary/final plan approval for 3961 Crosskeys Road,
S-14-01, minor subdivision.
i) Michael Organski, RJC Development, gave a history of the project. He stated that the
Planning Commission was in favor of granting all of the requested waivers with the
exception of a sidewalk on Crosskeys Road. The applicant feels they are not necessary
because the subdivision is in a remote location there are no other sidewalks in the area. He
stated that, should the waiver be granted, he would be willing to put a stipulation in the deed
requiring that homeowners install sidewalks should the Township decide to move forward
with the initiative.
ii) Mr. Rice said that if a sidewalk assessment was issued, the homeowner would be responsible
for installation regardless. Chairwoman Eckman clarified that Ashton Road had no
iii) Mr. Rice confirmed that the applicant had all of the review letters. Mr. Mrozinski confirmed
that he has discussed all of the Township Departments comments with the applicant. Mr.
Rice clarified that all issues complied with exception of the sidewalk.
iv) Supervisor Zimmerman asked Mr. Woodrow to clarify why the Township Engineer was
recommending sidewalks. He noted that the Planning Commission discussed this issue and
felt there was no need for curbing, road widening or storm drainage improvements but felt
that sidewalks would be appropriate on Crosskeys. He expressed no strong feeling either way Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
September 18, 2014
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and stated it was up to the Board to decide what they feel is appropriate. Supervisor
Zimmerman stated that, in her opinion, they are not warranted since there are none in the
area. Supervisor Duffy agreed.
v) Chairwoman Eckman noted that two Board members express support for the waiver.
Solicitor Rice stated if the Board comes to a consensus to move forward he would prepare a
Resolution for the October 2 meeting. Solicitor Rice reviewed a waiver letter from Ludgate
Engineering. Chairwoman Eckman expressed support for the sidewalk waiver but asked why
the applicant could not comply with the 25-foot turning radius. Mr. Woodrow said that it
would only be a minimal improvement and both he and the Planning Commission agreed that
since this was a low volume roadway the need was not severe.
vi) Solicitor Rice will prepare a Resolution for the October 2 meeting.
vii)Comments from the floor: Kristina O’Donnell explained how the Planning Commission
came to the decision to waive sidewalks on Ashton Road and encourage sidewalks on
Crosskeys Road. She said that the plans for the adjacent Superior Tube came before the
Planning Commission at the same time and since the Comprehensive Plan for Lower
Providence Township calls for a walkable community the sidewalks need to start somewhere.
Chairwoman Eckman noted that the Board may want to consider looking into a Townshipwide
sidewalk plan. Mr. Woodrow noted that there is a pedestrian plan for the business park.
Chairwoman Eckman said that it would be appropriate to look at connections at the next
viii) The applicant noted that, as Solicitor Rice said, if sidewalks are eventually required the
homeowners will be responsible for putting them in. Solicitor Rice stated that sidewalks
never happen that way and that comment was in response to the idea of a deed requirement.
He said the issue before the Board is how the Township wants to approach pedestrian
C) Discussion and consideration of TreeVitalize grant application for Cranberry Park
i) Karl Lukens explained the TreeVitalize program. He toured properties with Ms. Saible
O’Brien and determined that Cranberry Park would qualify for this grant. The grant would
provide funding for removing of invasive plants, planting of native shrubs and trees. He is
requesting the Board approve authorizing a letter of support.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to authorize a support letter for the
TreeVitalize grant application. Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0

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