Channels Lower Providence Township October 16th 2014 - Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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New Business
A) Discussion and consideration of new Township Safety Manual and appointment of Assistant
Township Manager as the Accident and Illness Prevention Program Coordinator.
i) Ms. Golas reviewed the necessity of the adoption of the Safety Manual as a requirement of
being a member of the Susquehanna Municipal Trust. This position will work in conjunction
with the Chairman of the Township safety committee.
ii) Supervisor Duffy asked if the adoption of the Safety Manual requires any provisions that the
Township already is not in compliance with and that may incur additional costs. Ms. Golas
said the Manual requires no more than the current Township compliance.
iii) Chairwoman Eckman stated that the Safety Committee has reviewed and approved the
iv) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to accept the Safety Manual and to appoint the
Assistant Township Manager as the Accident and Illness Prevention Program Coordinator.
Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
B) Discussion and consideration of award audit contract for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Township
financial statements.
i) Ms. Law stated that, as authorized at the August 7 Board of Supervisors meeting, the
committee advertised an RFP for auditing services. Three proposals were received as well as
a letter from the current auditor who declined to submit a proposal. She, along with Mr.
Gestrich and Ms. Golas, met with representatives with all three firms. As a result of that Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
October 16, 2014
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meeting, the staff recommendation is to accept the proposal from Maillie to conduct audits
for the years 2014 through 2016.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Duffy made a motion to accept Maillie as auditor for 2014, 2015 and
2016 at a cost of $19,000 per year. Supervisor Sorgini seconded the motion.
(1) Comments:
(a) Supervisor Thomas asked who was the current auditor and why they did not submit a
proposal. Ms. Law said that the current auditor, RKL, declined based on the
requirements. Mr. Gestrich noted that RKL has had multiple personnel changes
during their tenure with the Township.
The motion passed 4-0.
C) Discussion and consideration of authorization to execute electric generation contract.
i) Ms. Golas gave the background on the selection of the current electricity provider. Since it
was determine by the Township Solicitor that the Township Code does not require a
municipality to bid electricity. Staff has contacted four suppliers who have agreed to provide
daily rates beginning October 20, 2014
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to approve authorization to execute electric
generation contract. Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion.
(1) Comments:
(a) Chairwoman Eckman asked if any preliminary investigation has been done to see the
scope of rates available. Ms. Golas stated that she contacted the Pennsylvania
Municipal League (PLCM) to discuss available rates and options. PLCM currently
uses the Township’s provider, Constellation, but she is committed to doing due
diligence to research the best prices.
(b) Supervisor Thomas wondered if locking in a rate for four years would be
shortsighted. Ms. Golas said that, based on the offered rates, the time period can be
set at the Board’s preference.
(c) Supervisor Sorgini suggested that, if the rates are at or below where the Township is
now, a long-term contract may be beneficial.
The motion passed 4-0
D) Discussion and consideration for revised final subdivision plan for 324 Level Road.
i) Mr. Mrozinski gave the history of the plan, noting the supervisors have seen this plan and it
has been approved in the past. The applicant was before the board to have minor changes
ii) Sue Creveling was present to represent the applicant, Mr. Louis Gambone. She reviewed the
development project noting that they were appearing before the board for final approval and
addressing minor housekeeping issues. She stated that in 1977, when subdivision was
originally drafted, a proposed future road easement was granted to the property next door.
They removed that easement as requested which allowed them to shallow out the storm water
basin and construct a natural barrier as opposed to a 10-foot wall. The property lines were
shifted and the cul-de-sac was twisted in order to grant emergency vehicles easier access. All
comments raised by Woodrow & Associates have been addressed and they are working with
the Montgomery County Conservation District to update and renew NPDES permits.
Everything in the project is being brought up to current engineering standards.
iii) Supervisor Sorgini said that after discussion with residents on Stoughton Road and reading
the Woodrow & Associates review letter he had concerns with storm water management. Ms. Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
October 16, 2014
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Creveling said these issues have been addressed in accordance with Woodrow & Associates’
iv) Chairwoman Eckman said that included in the 2009 Resolution is an itemized escrow list.
She wanted to confirm that this is updated. Ms. Creveling has spoken with Woodrow &
Associates about bringing that up to speed. She also offered the solicitor a copy of the
original developer agreement. Solicitor Rice said it would be better to start from scratch. He
said that the developer would do a tabulation, which would then be approved by Woodrow &
v) Solicitor Rice reviewed the individual items in Resolution 2014-77.
vi) Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to approve the revised Final Subdivision Plan for 324
Level Road. Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion.
(1) Comments:
(a) Kristina O’Donnell, Stoughton Road, asked who will maintain the proposed six-inch
berm. Mr. Manai said that would be the responsibility of the property owners. Ms.
O’Donnell expressed concern as to how it would be maintained, who would oversee
compliance, and that storm water would be effectively handled. Mr. Rice said that
storm water management was part of the resolution and that the Township has the
right to inspect the property and enforce storm water regulations. Ms. Creveling noted
that the developer is improving a property that currently has no storm water
management. It was confirmed that there are no wetlands on the property and that
sidewalks would be installed on Level Road to the property line.
(b) Cathy Beyer, Arcola Road, asked if an archeology study will be done on the property.
Ms. Creveling said there would not as they were not required to do so. The site is also
exempt from Heritage Tree requirements as the property was approved for
development four years before that requirement was put in place. Ms. Creveling said
the developer was very conscious of the trees and will do their best to save what is
(c) Supervisor Duffy asked if the storm water system design will improve storm water
issues in the properties below the development. Mr. Manai said it will have no
adverse effect on the properties.
The motion passed 4-0
vii)Chairwoman Eckman stated she appreciated the resident’s questions and comments but noted
that this issue has been in progress for some time. In the interim, ordinances and Boards have
changed and it was now just down to the final tweaking of the previously approved issues.
3) Old Business
A) Discussion and consideration of residential trash and recycling bid and authorization to advertise.
i) Lonnie Manai reviewed the draft bid specification package and the changes that resulted
from the October 6 Board of Supervisors Meeting. Ten changes to the original draft were
identified as:
(1) Identification and definition of commercial properties.
(2) Reinforce the Township’s ability to levy fines to the contractor for failure to collect.
(3) Add a weather related exemption for pick-up.
(4) Define holiday service requirements.
(5) Add optional fee for e-waste.Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
October 16, 2014
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(6) Add volume control bid option where homeowners would choose one or two 96-gallon
containers and once a week pick-up with the caveat that all waste must fit in the
(7) Reinforce the interrupted service provision.
(8) Add language that requires the carrier to notify the homeowner if homeowner is not
following provisions of the pick-up protocol.
(9) Remove bulk leaf pick-up by separate contract option.
(10) Remove the Recyclebank language and ask for incentive program to encourage
ii) Currently the reduction in collection for yard waste and reduction of bulk waste pick- up
schedule have not yet been addressed.
(1) Discussion was held regarding reducing yard waste pick-up with Supervisor Thomas
suggesting a once-a-month pick-up during the winter. It was determined that a decision
would be made once it was determined if this would result in significant savings. These
same criteria will be applied to bulk items.
iii) Chairwoman Eckman feels a 7 a.m. rather than a 6 a.m. pick-up is a more consistent with
Township regulations for contractors. She expressed concern that the contract is written in
such a way that one hauler could be low bidder in waste while another the low bidder on
recycling. Mr. Manai said the number would need to be combined for the bid to be placed.
The bid language will be tightened to clarify this.
iv) Supervisor Thomas asked that there be language indicating that receptacles will be replaced
at no charge and in a timely manner.
v) Discussion was held regarding the per-bag option with Chairwoman Eckman expressing
concern that a hauler may not want to bid on a per-bag option as indicated in the
specifications and if that would void the bid. She will speak with Denise Walsh to determine
how many residents are currently using the per-bag option. She does not want the bid
package to narrow the scope of bids. Supervisor Sorgini noted that he did not believe this
was a critical issue based on emails received. Supervisor Thomas feels it should be left in.
vi) Supervisor Thomas reiterated his position that he does not support the single hauler option,
however, as there is no traction for that idea on the Board he will move forward to try to
secure the best price available for the residents.
(1) Mr. Thomas Borai, Brenda Lane, noted that a 7 a.m. pick-up may conflict with school
routes. He said that bulk pick-up is often unnecessary due to “pickers” in the Township.
He inquired as to the major concerns expressed by residents in the emails/messages
received. Supervisor Duffy said there was no consensus on any issue. Mr. Borai said the
current trash hauler fits all the specifications in the bid and doesn’t understand why the
Board is creating a new bid package when they only need to amend the current bid by
adding once-a-week pick-up. He feels the lack of comments/feedback indicates a good
level of service
(2) Candy Allebach, Eagleville Road, inquired as to why the Board can’t put all of their
desires into the bid and have the hauler respond to that. Chairwoman Eckman said that is
what the Board is doing and they will determine the best value based on the results. Ms.
Allebach believes the residents should be offered the choice to pick their own hauler and
should be allowed to select once-a-week pick-up without paying more for that service.
She does not believe residents should be offered incentives for recycling, as that is Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
October 16, 2014
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required in the Township. Supervisor Thomas said that he would be comfortable with a
bid for once-a-week pick-up with several containers.
(3) Cathy Beyer, Arcola Road, stated her desire for twice a week pick-up and appreciated the
Friday bulk pick-up.
viii) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to put out five bids for advertisement
incorporating the comments from the October 16, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting.
Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion.
(1) Comments:
(a) Chairwoman Eckman stated she wants to see five options and see what the cost will
be to residents so they can make an informed decision.
(b) Mr. Borai confirmed that recycling is a state law.
The motion passed 4-0.

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