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Tuesday, October 11, 2016
7:00 PM
I. Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance
II. Roll Call – Borough Secretary
III. Consider Approval of the September 13, 2016 regular meeting minutes and the
September 26, 2016 special meeting minutes.
IV. Presentations - None
V. Conditional Use Hearing - None
VI. Public Participation
VII. Appointments
A. Call for Residents interested in being appointed to various Boards and
B. Consider resignation of Ryan Norris from the HARB due to no longer living
in the Borough.
C. Consider resignation of Dustin Miller from the Civil Service Commission
due to no longer living in the Borough.
D. Consider moving Michelle Cinciripino from alternate member to full
member on the Civil Service Commission.
E. Consider application from Joseph Lynch, Jr. to the Tree Advisory
F. Consider applications from Barbara Cohen, Eric Schmidt, Shanlee Fisher
and Benjamin Wilson for two positions on the Beautification Advisory
VIII. Communications/Council Participation
IX. New Business
1. Consider Staff recommendation to award the 2017 chemical bids per the
Borough Manager’s Memorandum of October 5, 2016.
2. Consider Staff recommendation to award the 2016 Milling and Paving of
Second Avenue and Starr Street contract.
X. Resolutions
A. Consider a Resolution authorizing the submission of an application for
traffic signal approval to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
XI. Public Hearings
A. Consider an Ordinance Revision to Chapter 22 “Subdivision and Land
XII. Reports of Committees, Boards, and Commissions
A. Planning Commission – (Kuznar)
1. No Action to Report
B. Historical Architectural Review Board – (Dugan)
1. Consider approval of the Addition Request for 148 Bridge Street as
recommended (6-0) by the HARB Action Memo of October 4, 2016.
2. Consider approval of the sign request for 167 Bridge Street as
recommended (6-0) by the HARB Action Memo of October 4, 2016.
C. Regional Planning Commission – (Ewald)
1. VVP grant application status
D. Recreation Board – (Dugan)
E. Beautification Advisory Commission – (Soto)
XIII. Council Action referred from Council Committees
A. Parks and Recreation Committee – (Soto, Dugan, Kovaleski)
1. Consider a Temporary Community Event for the Panther Prowl 5K
and 1 Mile Fun Run on Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 7:00
am to 12:00 pm. Recommended in Committee 2-0.
2. Consider purchasing a used lighting station for $3,000 to be used
on Friendship Field during evening practices. Recommended in
Committee 2-0.
B. Policy Committee – (Dalton, Doherty. Soto)
1. Consider scheduling and advertising a Public Hearing for an
Ordinance Amendment to Chapter 27, “Zoning”. Recommended in
Committee 3-0.
C. Police and Personnel Committee – (Doherty, Kuznar, Ewald)
1. Consider crediting Officer Anthony Duchnosky for his prior police
services per the Lieutenant’s Memorandum of September 30, 2016.
Recommended in Committee 2-0.
2. Consider compensating the Lieutenant’s salary to that of the former
Chief’s retroactive to September 12, 2016 and until a new chief is
selected. Recommended in Committee 2-0.
D. Infrastructure Committee – (Ewald, Dalton, Kovaleski)
1. Consider a Resolution Authorizing Approval of the Regional
Streetlight Procurement Program Investment Grade Audit Report.
Recommended in committee 3-0.
2. Consider a Resolution Authorizing the Borough to enter into a
Lease Agreement for the Regional Streetlight Procurement
Program with the Pennsylvania Economic Development Authority.
Recommended in committee 3-0.
E. Finance Committee – (Dugan, Kuznar, Ichter, Kovaleski)
1. Consider approval of the 2016 Pre-Paid dated 8/6/2016 – 9/8/2016
in the amount of $447,698.76. Recommended in committee 4-0.
2. Consider approval of the 2016 Pre-Paid ACH dated 8/31/2016 in
the amount of $6,625.86. Recommended in committee 4-0.
3. Consider Budget Increase 2016-18 of $50,000 from Waste Water
Fund Balance to Sewer Treatment (Emergency Repair Sanitary
Sewer) for emergency repair to Sanitary Sewer at West Bridge
Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Recommended in committee
4. Consider Budget Increase 2016-19 of $5,500 from Fund Balance to
Human Resources (Boards and Commissions for Civil Service List)
– New Patrolman. Recommended in committee 4-0.
5. Consider Budget Transfer Request 2016-09 in the amount of
$22,000 from Solid Waste (Salary) to Streets (Salary) for Streets
Superintendent Wages and $1,700 from Solid Waste (FICA/Payroll
Taxes) to Streets (FICA/Payroll Taxes) for Streets Superintendent’s
Payroll Taxes. Recommended in committee 4-0.
XIV. Public Participation
XV. Staff Reports
A. Mayor’s Report
B. Manager’s Report
C. Police Chief’s Report
D. Fire Chief’s Report
E. Code Director’s Report
F. Public Works Director’s Report
G. Finance Director’s Report
H. Fire Department Liaison – (Doherty)
XVI. Old Business
XVII. Executive Session - Personnel, Real Estate, Litigation
XVIII. Adjournment

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