Channels Lower Providence Township November 6th 2014 - Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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New Business
A) Authorization to advertise proposed 2015 Budget
i) Mr. Gestrich reviewed the process for reaching the final proposed 2015 budget. He noted that
the items currently negotiated between the Township Departments and the Township have
been added.
ii) Chairwoman Eckman explained that the AFSCME contract has been approved but that the
Police Department is still in negotiations.
iii) Mr. Gestrich reviewed the proposal to raise the debt service millage by .175 mills in order to
eliminate the burden of $270,769 of debt service which is currently financed by the General
Fund and the Unrestricted Capital Fund.
iv) Board Discussion: Supervisor Sorgini said that he feels that the time has come to retire the
debt service and would like to propose that the budget be advertised with the millage
increase. Supervisor Zimmerman and Chairwoman Eckman agreed. Mr. Sorgini noted that
there has not been an increase in years and the Township has cut as many corners as possible.
Supervisor Thomas countered that the increase was not due to an increase in contracts but
rather the Township has not adequately provided a funding stream to cover the debt service
as planned with the YMCA golf course plan. Chairwoman Eckman said that the Board made
an investment in open space and that the increase was as a result of negotiating new contracts
for necessary services. Supervisor Thomas disagreed.
v) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to advertise the 2015 budget with the .175
millage increase to fund the debt service. Supervisor Zimmerman seconded the motion.
(1) Supervisor Duffy stated he would like feedback from residents on the budget and
proposed tax increase. Chairwoman Eckman noted that they can reduce the budget but
cannot increase the budget once it is advertised. Mr. Gestrich clarified that it could not be
increased by more 10% in the aggregate or 25% in any major account.Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
November 6, 2014
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The motion passed 5-0.
B) Authorization to advertise for 2015 Township Boards and Commissions vacancies and 2015
Professional Consultants.
i) Mr. Gestrich reviewed a list prepared by Denise Walsh of Board and Commission terms
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Duffy made a motion to advertise for 2015 Boards and Commissions
vacancies and 2015 Professional Consultants. Supervisor Zimmerman seconded the motion.
The motion passed 5-0.
C) Discussion and consideration for a request from WB Homes for a text amendment
i) Chris Canavan of WB Homes reviewed the project proposed for the Superior Tube site. He
also presented the board with a Revenue Impact Analysis.
ii) In response to a question from Mr. Gestrich, Mr. Canavan reviewed the site contamination,
noting that the groundwater contamination is being controlled. They have submitted a
Combined Remedial Investigation and Clean-up Plan to the DEP. Deed restriction will be in
place regarding wells, vapor barriers will be installed as well as ventilation systems. The soil
contamination on site is limited to a specific area and, per DEP requirements, will have a
two-foot fill cap and will be fenced off. During their investigation it was determined that the
removal of contaminants was more harmful than capping. WB Homes anticipates DEP’s
approval of their plan this week. Chairwoman Eckman asked if vegetation will be planted
over the two-foot cap. Mr. Canavan said that it would and that a berm will be created to help
transition the landscape to residential. He stated that WB Homes has done ACT II
remediation on many sites and their experience is that this is a very compatible project.
iii) Solicitor Rice recommended that a Township disclosure form be created and included with
the sale documents as many new homeowners do not read every document presented to them.
He would draft this document that buyers would be required to sign. Mr. Canavan had no
issue with including this in the sale documents.
iv) Mr. Canavan stated that Superior Tube Inc. is in charge of monitoring wells. It will be there
for a while. If an ACTII release is received in the summer of 2015 they may be removed.
Solicitor Rice clarified that the text amendment was being sought to insert townhomes into a
site zoned industrial. Mr. Canavan explained that there were two zoning changes required,
from industrial to residential. Discussion was held regarding whether the project would meet
all of the Township’s requirements for residential including parking, design, open space and
stormwater management. He said they were confident they would be able to comply with the
R4 requirements. Mr. Canavan said again that the plans on display were simply concept and
that they would be working with the Planning Commission to determine recreational
facilities, etc. He also discussed the proposed design of the homes and estimated square
v) Discussion was held regarding what constituted heavy and light industrial uses as well as
PBO use. Mr. Canavan said that many other uses could have adverse traffic impact for the
vi) Solicitor Rice advised the board that they should make a policy decision then authorize staff
to prepare an ordinance, which will be brought before the board for approval. Mr. Woodrow
stated that he had talked at the staff/solicitor meeting to include architectural standards in the
ordinance. Mr. Canavan said that they would be happy to work with the Township on any
design issues. Supervisor Sorgini stated that the entrances would need to be carefully
considered as the concept plan goes forward. Mr. Canavan agreed. Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
November 6, 2014
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vii)MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman made a motion to authorize staff to prepare an ordinance
for a text amendment change allowing townhomes to be built in the industrial district.
Supervisor Sorgini seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.
(1) Discussion and Comments:
(a) Irv Zimmerman, Evansburg Road, expressed concern about the groundwater issue
stating that he is required to get his water tested once a year by DEP. He also was
concerned about the increase of population and how that would affect traffic in the
422 corridor and put an increased strain on resources such as roads and the police
departments. He feels the plans should be reviewed further before approval and that
infrastructure should be put in place first before moving forward. He also noted that
the fans at the Superior Tube site were loud and could impact residents.
(b) Cathy Beyer, Arcola Road, expressed concerns about building on a contaminated site
and said that residents looked to the Board to protect their interests. She queried as to
how the vapor barriers would work and the potential negative impact to homeowners.
Mr. Canavan also explained that the deep groundwater contamination was different
from surface water contamination and would not impact residents. He also addressed
parking issues stating that street parking was a function of street width but that all
houses would offer off-street parking.
(c) Supervisor Thomas asked what expenses were involved in remediation. Mr. Canavan
stated that WB Homes had already invested $125,000 in studies and plans and
estimated that additional costs would be approximately $15,000 to $20,000 per unit.
Plus there would be additional expenses related to the contaminated soil site. Mr.
Canavan said that this would give permanence to the remediation and that these
obstacles would be there for anyone who wanted to develop this site.
The motion passed 5-0.
D) Discussion and consideration of appointment of Jennifer Gambino to the Library Board of
i) Supervisor Thomas explained the need for the appointment and asked for the board’s
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made the motion to appoint Jennifer Gambino to the Library
Board of Trustees. Supervisor Sorgini seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0
E) Discussion and consideration for request from the Lower Providence Township Sewer Authority
for waiver of a road opening permit fee.
i) Mr. Mrozinski explained that a contractor, in the process of doing work for the sewer
authority, had a piece of equipment become lodged in the sewers. As a result excavation was
required and the applicant would like the road opening permit fee waived.
ii) Discussion was held as to who was requesting the waiver and the chain of responsibility. Mr.
Gestrich reported that the request was being made since the contractor was passing the cost
on to the Sewer Authority. Supervisor Sorgini stated he will be attending the next Sewer
Authority meeting and will clarify the request.
F) Discussion and consideration of resolution reapproving the final revised land development plan
for 3481 Germantown pike/Terra Landscaping.
i) Solicitor Rice reported that this was simply the matter of an administrative cleanup due to an
executed settlement agreement in 2012. This repeals Resolution 2014-70.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Duffy made a motion to accept the revised Resolution 2014-82.
Supervisor Zimmerman seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.

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