Channels Schuylkill Township November 5th 2014 Part 2 - Schuylkill Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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Old Business

Legal Matters

Mr. Brennan reported that the matter of the ham radio tower proposed by Mr. DePolo on Valley Forge Mountain has been successfully resolved. The Tredyffrin Township Zoning Hearing Board denied the requested 180 foot tower, allowing a height of 65 feet.

Mr. Brennan informed the Board that he had one item for Executive Session.

Phoenix Mobile Home Park

Mr. James Keller, 22 Second Street, reiterated his complaints about perceived code violations at his resident mobile home park. The Township Code Enforcement Officer, Mr. Frank Newhams, informed the Board that Mr. Keller’s complaints had been investigated to the best of the township’s ability and no instances of non-compliance had been found. Mr. Andrew Fifer, owner and manager of the Phoenix Mobile Home Park, commented that he found these repeated misrepresentations by Mr. Keller to be outrageous; that there were 56 homes in his manufactured homes community and Mr. Keller was the only tenant with complaints.

New Business

Nothing to report

Subdivisions/Land Development

Preliminary Plan Approval: Proposed Apartment Complex – Valley Forge Meadows, Inc. (Nolen)

Mr. Brennan stated that per the Board’s instructions at the October 1st meeting, he prepared four proposed resolutions providing options for the unresolved issues regarding waivers requested by Valley Forge Meadows, Inc. Additionally, Mr. Brennan stated, Mr. Morrisson had developed an additional four resolution options. The options presented have been distributed to the Board for consideration.

Mr. Michael Beran, HOA President The Meadows at Valley Forge, brought up the issue of the plan approval. Discussion ensued regarding the conservation easement with and without trails and the township’s consideration of a new appraisal. Mr. Brennan stated that the issue is that the developer wants preliminary plan approval tonight but the issue of the conservation easement was still outstanding.

Mr. Nolen stated that he was approached by the township regarding a conservation easement; it was not his idea and that he had been told by the Natural Lands Trust to put in a nature trail. Mr. Nolen said that an appraisal had been done 6 years ago and he has been trying to get plan approval for those 6 years. Mr. Brennan responded that the delay was not on the part of the township; that Mr. Nolan had the right at any time to move this plan along quickly but that there had been no action on Mr. Nolen’s part for years on the proposed development. Mr. Brennan went on to say that there was an issue brought before the Zoning Hearing Board which was lost by Mr. Nolen; an appeal was taken and the township then worked with Mr. Nolen to address the issue by stipulation.

Discussion ensued regarding trails and placement of trails within the proposed conservation easement on the Pawling Road property.

Ms Majewski asked if a plan could be approved without knowing what the final plan would look like because the conservation easement has not been finalized. Discussion ensued on the approval of the current preliminary plan with and without the conservation easement.

Mr. Nolen asked if this plan with the easement could be approved with the existing appraisal. Mr. Brennan responded that it was not in the best interests of township taxpayers to use an appraisal that was 6 ½ years old.

Motion. On a motion by Ms. Majewski, seconded by Mr. Handforth, and passed, with Mr. Parry dissenting, the Board agreed to table consideration of preliminary plan approval for the proposed Valley Forge Meadows, Inc. apartment complex until a new appraisal has been completed on the property.

Updated Appraisal Parcel 27-6-1217 – Valley Forge Meadows, Inc. (Nolen)

Motion. On a motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Handforth, and passed, the Board approved and authorized an updated appraisal for 19.02 acres for Valley Forge Meadows, Inc. (Nolen) property for a not to exceed amount of $10,000.00 for possible purchase of a conservation easement.

Discussion – Masters Subdivision 100 Ferry Lane Escrow Agreement Submittal

Mr. Diemer presented an overview of the project, a four-lot subdivision, which received preliminary plan approval in 2006. Mr. Diemer explained that the developer was requesting that escrow be assigned to each individual lot when building permit applications are submitted. Mr. Diemer further explained that all public improvements in the subdivision are contained in the lots with the exception of pins and monuments which would be installed by the developer; there is no overlap. The Township Engineer confirmed this statement but emphasized that it was important to obtain escrow for stormwater management on the lots. Mr. Diemer stated that he is working with Gilmore & Associates on the proper plan notations for recording any agreement(s) reached on escrow.

Motion. On a motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Handforth, and passed, the Board approved and authorized allowing escrow for the Masters Subdivision project at 100 Ferry Lane (UPI 27-6-91) to be deferred and posted by individual lot at the time of application for building permit; said escrow to be an amount deemed acceptable by the Township Engineer.

Discussion – Conversion Valley Forge Office Colony to Apartments

Mr. Kalyan appeared before the Board to present a plan to convert two office buildings at 11 Davis Road to apartments. Mr. Kalyan explained that his client was looking for the Board’s thoughts and feedback on the proposed conversion. The two 7,000 sq. ft. buildings in a neighborhood commercial district are currently 75% vacant. Mr. Kalyan’s client will be seeking a multi-use specification exception to allow the 2 buildings to be treated as a single unified facility. The project proposes that building 1 would have offices on the first floor and residences on the rest. Building 2 would be completely residential. 5 units on each floor are being proposed; 1 bedroom apartments at 815-820 sq. ft. and 2 bedroom apartments of 1230 – 1300 sq. ft. The target market would be young professionals. Mr. Brennan asked if the surrounding residents were aware of the proposed conversion; Mr. Kalyan said he did not know. Mr. Handforth expressed his concern with setting precedents; he mentioned Valley Forge Commons. Mr. Kalyan said it was his opinion they were two different situations because of building placement. Mr. Kalyan closed by stating that his client was floating the concept at this time and looking for support. It was the consensus of the Board that it had no objection at this time to the project proceeding

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