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East Whiteland Board of Supervisors
March 8, 2017
1. Public Work Session: 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.
2. Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of the February 8, 2017 meeting minutes
4. Announcements:
? East Whiteland Township’s monthly Board of Supervisors meetings are currently
broadcast on dedicated government access channels on Comcast (#996) and
Verizon (#46). We also stream our meeting broadcasts on
? Executive Sessions were held on February 8, 2017 (post meeting), March 1 at
5:30pm, and March 7 at 5pm
? Accept Resignation of Interim Codes & Life Safety Director – Joe Leis
5. Commendations: None
6. Public Comment: General
7. Reports and Communications from Boards, Commissions and Township
? East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association - President
? Chairs - Volunteer Boards & Commission(s) – All in Attendance
? Public Works Director
? Interim Codes & Life Safety Director
? Police Chief
? Planning & Development Director
? Township Manager
8. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report
9. Approval of the Payment of Bills and Payroll
10. Old Business: None
March 8, 2017 - Board of Supervisors Agenda
Page 2
11. New Business
a. Bishop Tube Status Update.
b. Consider Concept Plan & Proposal for Swanenberg.
c. Motion to Consider Appointments:
i. Interim Codes & Life Safety Director – John Nagel
ii. Zoning Officer – Steve Brown
d. Consider Website Demonstration & Official Launch.
e. Consider Asset Management System (Traisr) Demonstration & Motion to Accept
Proposal from McMahon Associates.
f. Motion to approve and execute contract with McMahon Associates for the Route
30 Corridor Study.
g. Consider Ratification of 2017 Summer Camp Rates & Policies.
h. Motion to consider an Opt-Out option of health benefits in accordance with
Internal Revenue Standards.
i. Motion to authorize staff to develop and distribute an RFP for engineering design
services for Sewer projects.
j. Motion to grant an Extension of Time for Recording of Land Development Plans:
i. Swedesford 66 Preliminary Plans until April 13th 2017
ii. Liberty Phase 1 Preliminary Plans until June 14th 2017
iii. LIDL Preliminary and Preliminary Final Plans until June 30th 2017
iv. Great Valley Community Organization Preliminary Plans until June 1st
v. Bishop Tube Preliminary Plans until April 13th 2017
k. Motion to advertise revision to the Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
Ordinance 285-2016.
12. Development Plans:
a. Motion to consider authoring the solicitor to draft a resolution for the Swedesford
66 Preliminary Plans proposing the construction of 66 townhomes at 961-965
Swedesford Road. The property is approximately 15.5 acres and zoned RMH,
medium-high density residential.
13. Meeting Adjournment

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