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Old Business

Legal Matters

Mr. Brennan reported that in the Ozorowski case, the Township is waiting for a decision from the Court on its request for legal cost reimbursement. Mr. Brennan advised the Board that several other legal matters would need to be discussed in Executive Session

Additional Services – Certified Public Accounting Firm

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Morrisson, seconded by Mr. Handforth, and passed, the Board approved retaining the certified public accounting firm of Barbacane Thornton & Company to assist Township personnel with internal control procedures and year-end adjustments at the firm’s standard hourly rates plus out-of-pocket expenses for a not to exceed cost of three thousand dollars ($3,000.00).

New Business

Appointment of Environmental Advisory Council Member

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Morrisson, seconded by Mrs. Cohen, and passed, the Board of

Supervisors accepted and approved the appointment of Mary Ellen Heisey as a full member of the Environmental Advisory Council for a three year term to expire January 2016.

Exoneration of Certain Uncollectable Township Property Tax Liens

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Morrisson, seconded by Mrs. Cohen, and passed, the Board of

Supervisors accepted and approved, per the February 24, 2014 letter from the Chester County Tax Claim Bureau, the exoneration of uncollectable township real estate property tax liens as of February 2014 for parcel IDs 2702_0093007T, 2705H0045019T, 2705H0045033T, and 2705H0045041T for a total of two hundred three dollars and ninety-eight cents ($203.98) in uncollectable taxes.

PSATS Annual Conference Voting Delegate

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Handforth, seconded by Mrs. Cohen, and passed, the Board approved the appointment of Mr. Morrisson as the Schuylkill Township voting delegate to the April 13-16, 2014 PSATS annual conference.

Township Roads Sweeping Proposal

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Handforth, seconded by Mrs. Cohen, and passed, the Board accepted and approved the March 4, 2014 Reilly Sweeping, Inc. street sweeping proposal for cleaning of township roads April 7 – April 11, 2014, weather permitting.

Discussion Items

Historical Commission: Phase II Survey Data and Permit Procedures – Sandy Momyer

Mrs. Momyer briefly recounted the projects completed by the Historical Commission in 2013, namely: 1) Completion of Phase II of the Historical Resource Survey with printing of the completed survey to take place early in 2014; 2) finalized permit procedures in accordance with the historic resource ordinance; 3) completed the Chester County Atlas for Schuylkill Township; 4) completed the Valley Park Research Report with Wise Preservation; 5) completed Phase III of the Valley Park Trolley Station restoration; 6) As member of the Valley Park Task Force Committee, developed a concept plan for the township-owned Valley Park; 7) completed the Schuylkill Township portion of the Battle of the Clouds “Save Our Battlefields” national project; 8) completed the Schuylkill School memorial with the Township and Phoenixville Area School District (plaque to be added in 2014); and, 9) celebrated the 7th annual successful Founders Day celebration honoring an “Outstanding Citizen”. Mrs. Momyer added that the Historical Commission continues to work with the Board of Supervisors and historic resource stakeholders on all Schuylkill Township historic matters.

Mrs. Momyer went on to discuss the Phase II properties listing and what the process would be to include these properties in the Township’s historic ordinance. Discussion ensued on various aspects of, and enforcement of the ordinance.

The Board directed the Township Solicitor to take the following actions: 1) prepare a draft amendment to the historic ordinance incorporating the Phase II properties to be presented at the April Board meeting, and 2) research the property owner notice requirements and review the notification letter prepared by the Historical Commission to see if it suffices for any required notices.

50 Lafayette Drive – Zoning Hearing Board

Mr. Brennan recounted to the Board that at the January 6, 2014 Board meeting, the Supervisors had voted not to oppose the Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) application seeking variances to cure the lot line setback issues for 50 Lafayette Drive. Mr. Brennan then explained that the matter was before the Board again because in addition to the setback variances requested, pool work with the possible addition of impervious surface would now be part of the application. Mr. Brennan stated that the question now before the Board was whether to reconsider their decision not to oppose Mr. Schricker’s application. The consensus of the Board was to make no change to their decision not to oppose Mr. Schricker’s current application to the Zoning Hearing Board.

Municipal Complex Roof Inspections

Mr. Cinciripino explained that some damage had been observed in the roof of the Township building and that he recommended having an inspection done of both the Township building and garage roofs. On a motion by Ms. Majewski, seconded by Mr. Morrisson and passed, the Board authorized the engagement of a licensed inspector to physically review the condition of the roof on the municipal garage and Township buildings.

Resolutions / Ordinances

Discussion – Emergency Communications Systems (Amplification) Ordinance

Mr. Morrisson gave a brief interpretation of what he understood as the purpose and implications of this ordinance. Discussion followed regarding who would be impacted by adopting such an ordinance and what the consequences and costs might be.

The Board directed the Township Solicitor to draft an ordinance for consideration by the Board, using the Chester County and West Bradford draft ordinances as templates and with input from the Schuylkill Township Police Chief as to costs and consequences.

Subdivisions/Land Development

Discussion – Waiver of a Posted Escrow for 297 S. Whitehorse Road (UPI# 27-6-34)

Mr. Stancato, owner and developer for 297 S. Whitehorse Road, petitioned the Board to postpone the deposit of an escrow with the Township until some future date when construction would begin.

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Morrisson, seconded by Mr. Handforth, and passed, the Board of Supervisors approved the deferment of a posted escrow for the subdivision at 297 S. Whitehorse Road (UPI#27-6-34) until a permit application is submitted to Schuylkill Township at which time the required escrow security shall be paid in full prior to any permit(s) being issued.

The Board directed the Zoning Administration Office to note this restriction in the property record of UPI# 27-6-34, 297 S. WhitehorseRoad.

Mr. Stancato then requested that the Board reconsider requiring the installation of a fire hydrant as a condition of approval for the subdivision at 297 S. Whitehorse Road. No discussion or action was taken by the Board on this request; the condition requiring the installation of the fire hydrant remains in effect.

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