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Thursday June 22, 2017
7:00 PM
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call:
Joseph Pucci Gail Hager
Patricia Alzamora Robert Hardt Joseph Berqguist
Kathie Eskie Keith McLennan, Solicitor
Item #1: Hearing – Continued from May 25, 2017
Z-17-09 – Lidl US Operations, LLC, 3500 S Clark St, Arlington, VA 22202
The applicant is requesting a variance from § 143-262 (B); §143-264 (B); § 143-264 (F); §143-141 (A);
§143-262 (E); and § 143-263 (A) to construct to construct a 36,000 SF Lidl grocery store with 169 offstreet
parking spaces to meet the applicant’s requirements to satisfy anticipated parking demand and
At the May 25, 2017 hearing, the applicant amended their requested relief to include requests
for a variance from Section 143-264(C) to permit two (2) wall mounted signs that exceed the
permitted fifteen (15) feet in height.
for an interpretation of Section 143-11 that the proposed plan complies with the boundary
tolerance provisions, or in the alternative, a variance from Section 143-11to permit an extension of
the Ridge Pike Business District boundary line of no more than one hundred (100) feet to the
existing property line, and
for a variance from Section 143-262(B) to encroach within the required thirty (30) foot side yard
setback along an existing residential district in the event that the Zoning Hearing Board
determines that the proposed plan does not comply with Section 143-11 and does not grant a
variance from Section 143-11 to the full extent requested.
The parcel ID# of the subject properties are 43-00-11875-007, 43-00-11872-001, 43-00-11866-007, and
43-00-11869-004. Subject parcel is located at 2601-2619 Ridge Pike, Trooper, PA 19403 and is in the
RPBD Ridge Pike Business and R-2 Residential Zoning Districts.
Next Business Meetings: July 27, 2017

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