Channels Lower Providence Township July 17th 2014 - Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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Mr. Tim Kurek was present to take a complete record of testimony.
A) Appointment of Paul Logan as special counsel
i) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to appoint Paul Logan as special counsel.
Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0
B) Conditional Use Hearing – Shannondell Meadows 5.2
i) MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman made a motion to enter into the conditional use hearing.
Supervisor Sorgini seconded the motion. The motion passed 5-0.
ii) Solicitor Rice explained the procedure of the meeting and the history of the project and its
conditional use application.
iii) Bernadette Kearney, Esq., representing Audubon Land Development, distributed exhibit
packets to the Board and announced who would testify. Solicitor Rice entered the exhibits
into record as Exhibits A1-A14.
iv) Paul Bradford Macey was sworn in to testimony and to confirm the distributed exhibits. He
explained the phases and timing of the Audubon Land Development projects. He also
testified that traffic conditions were not the same as when the original application was filed.
v) Frank Montgomery, Traffic Planning and Design, Inc., was sworn into testimony and
reviewed the slides that were presented to the Planning Commission and explained exhibits
pertaining to the traffic studies. He elaborated on how circumstances in the area have Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
July 17, 2014
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changed since 1998. Mr. Montgomery testified that the requested modifications and
proposed improvements would be appropriate for Shannondell, would not adversely affect
character of the surrounding land use or neighborhood, would not cause hazardous conditions
or create undue congestion. Mr. Montgomery testified that this proposal makes good
planning sense. In response to questions from Solicitor Logan he clarified issues of the
conditional use proposal for the benefit of the Board of Supervisors.
(1) In response to questions from Supervisor Duffy he reiterated that the Township’s
emergency services and public works will have access to the automated gates.
(2) In response to questions from Chairwoman Eckman he estimates there are 9,000 daily
trips per day on Shannondell Boulevard. He described how future traffic could utilize
current roadways. He clarified how the $3 million to be contributed by Audubon Land
Development was broken down by line items. Solicitor Rice clarified how the numbers
were broken down as a result of costs eliminated by Shannondell being a private road as
opposed to a public road.
(3) In response to questions from Supervisor Sorgini Mr. Montgomery said he does not have
a timetable for the completion of Shannondell Boulevard but that that applicant is eager.
He also stated that he did not have a timetable for the completion of all the phases of the
Audubon Land Development’s Master Plan but that his traffic analysis evaluated traffic
for completion of all phases
(4) In response to questions from Supervisor Thomas who asked for an explanation of how
the $2.3 million figure was decided, Mr. Montgomery said this figure was the result of
what they would have presented and what PennDOT and the Township would like to see
and fell somewhere in the middle. This figure is less than what McMahon Transportation
Engineers & Planners would expect this to cost. He clarified why he felt the number was
appropriate due to the type of traffic on the road.
vi) Mrs. Kearny rested
vii)Mr. Logan called Casey Moore, the Township’s traffic engineer of McMahon Associates,
who was sworn into testimony. Mr. Moore explained his history with the Land Development
project and the services provided by his company. He gave a brief overview of traffic
concerns as observed and those which he felt that needed to be addressed, including
increased development, resulting crash patterns and improvements which would need to be
provided if Shannondell Boulevard were to be open to the public. Mr. Moore also explained
the breakdown of estimated costs, daily number of vehicles on the road and gave his opinion
on the impact of the modified conditional use.
(1) In response to Supervisor Duffy Mr. Moore said that a gate at Park Avenue would
increase response times for emergency vehicles to the Shannondell development. He also
said that the commercial viability of the main economic thoroughfares would benefit by
keeping traffic on the state roads.
(2) In response to Supervisor Sorgini Mr. Moore clarified how the applicant’s future would
require alternate routes. He also stated that the applicant currently does not have all the
required land to make the improvements necessary to the intersection and adjustments
would have be made.
(3) In response to Chairwoman Eckman Mr. Moore stated that while isolated intersection
analyses are difficult to apply to the Crawford Road leg it is currently rated E but the
proposed improvements will move the intersection to a C or better. He also stated that
this intersection is not on PennDOT’s 12-year program and does not believe it would Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
July 17, 2014
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have been funded despite concerns. Because they are filing a Multimodal grant
application, PennDOT has provided a project manager and DEP has also been in to
further the process.
(4) In response to Supervisor Zimmerman Mr. Moore stated that the grant status should be
decided in October 2014.
(5) In response to supervisor Thomas, Mr. Moore clarified the valuation of the assigned
viii) Public comment:
(1) Preston Luitweiler, 752 Mockingbird Lane, spoke in favor of improving the intersection.
He asked if the closing of Arcola Bridge has adversely affected the intersection and did
the numbers on the traffic study reflect the additional traffic due to the bridge closure. He
also asked if the traffic numbers reflected the future 422 interchange. He also expressed
concern that minimum impact be made on the Mine Run Stream.
(2) A resident from Shannondell at Valley Forge asked if this plan would generate additional
traffic on Park Ave. Mr. Moore responded that they do not anticipate that it will. The
resident also expressed concern about creating pedestrian crossings. He felt making
Shannondell Boulevard into a public road would make the current traffic issue worse.
(3) Mike Comroe, member of the Township Planning Commission, noted that he was serving
the Township when the original plan was proposed. After consideration and a site visit,
he now feels it would be a mistake to open Shannondell Boulevard to Park Ave. and that
it would have a negative impact on the residents of Park Ave. He stated that the Planning
Commission was 100% in favor of making the road private.
(4) William Brooke, member of the Planning Commission, also expressed his support of the
plan but expressed concern that if the grant is not approved by PennDOT in 2014 that
costs will have increased by 2015.
(5) Mr. Moore explained that if the Arcola bridge project stays on track the bridge should be
opened by end of 2015. If the grant is awarded in October 2014 the plan would go to
construction in spring of 2016 with an estimated time for completion being 12 to 18
months. The intersection would be open to traffic in fall of 2017. He explained how
traffic can move through construction without being detoured in a major way.
(6) Calvin Carolina, 900 Kriebel Mill Road, expressed concern that the developer will cover
all costs if there is a shortfall due to the longevity of the project without coming back to
the Township for additional funds.
(7) Frank Montgomery responded to questions stating that the Arcola Road traffic was not
included in counts as it predated the study but the estimates for the 363 interchange
traffic were included. The DEP is involved in the process and will have major input on
Mine Run and the road construction. Cost estimate of $2.3 million was updated in 2013
and is $260,000 over the estimated project costs.
ix) Solicitor Rice went over five conditions prior to the vote by the Board of Supervisors:
(1) That the applicant establish financial security with the Township to guarantee both the
construction of Shannondell Boulevard as a private road and the construction of related
offsite traffic improvements in the total amount of $3 million. $2.3 million would be set
aside and designated for the offsite improvements and the financial security would be
posted in a form and manner to be approved by the Township solicitor
(2) That the offsite improvements would occur at Park Avenue, Eagleville Road and
Crawford Road intersection and that the designated offsite improvements funds would be Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
July 17, 2014
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earmarked for that intersection by a separate agreement with the Township from this
(3) In the event that the forgoing offsite intersection cannot be fully funded the township has
the option of utilizing the offsite improvement funds for other road improvements and or
intersection improvements as recommended by the township traffic engineer.
(4) All other terms and conditions of the original 1998 conditional use decision in order shall
remain in effect.
(5) The applicant would comply with all other required ordinances of Lower Providence
Township unless modified during the land development process.
(6) As requested by Supervisor Duffy, emergency vehicles including ambulance, police,
firefighter and public works have unfettered access through the gates and would have
ability to come and go as necessary for emergency purposes.
x) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to modify the Conditional Use Agreement
from 1998 to redesignate Shannondell Boulevard from a public to a private road contingent
upon Audubon Land Development meeting the six conditions identified by Mr. Rice.
Supervisor Zimmerman seconded the motion.
(1) Discussion: Supervisor Thomas expressed concern that road improvements were offered
by the applicant 16 years ago and 16 years later they are still not done. He is nervous that
they will receive money for a project that may not be completed. Mr. Thomas offered that
perhaps a time limit be applied to completion of the project.
The motion passed 5-0
xi) Chairwoman Eckman thanked the board members for their hard work and diligence on this
long-term issue.
3) New Business
A) Consideration of an Agreement with the Methacton School District for a School Resource
Officer based at the Arcola Intermediate School.
i) Per Police Chief Francis Carroll this program has been in place since 2006. This agreement
will extend the program through January 31, 2017. The agreement states the school district
will provide for 75% of the total cost of the School Resource Officer.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Thomas made a motion to accept the agreement from the Methacton
School District for a School Resource Officer based at the Arcola Intermediate School.
Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion. Supervisor Sorgini stated he is greatly in support of
this motion however as an administrator in the school district he will abstain. The motion
passed 4-0-1 with Supervisor Sorgini abstaining.
B) Consideration of an amendment to lease between Lower Providence Township and Lower
Providence Community Center for 3323 Ridge Pike.
i) Solicitor Rice stated this was an amendment of 2012 lease which will extend the completion
date up to February 1, 2015.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Sorgini made a motion to accept the amendment to the lease between
Lower Providence Township and Lower Providence Community Center for 3323 Ridge Pike.
Supervisor Zimmerman seconded. The motion passed 5-0.
C) Consideration of request for waiver of electrical permit fee for 45 Ivy Circle.
i) Item removed from the agenda due to a donation by private donors.
4) Announcements:
A) Library Board Meeting– July 21 at 7 p.m.
B) Planning Commission Meeting – July 23 at 7 p.m.Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
July 17, 2014
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i) Mr. Mrozinski said the Cross Keys development would be discussed.
C) Zoning Hearing Board Meeting – July 24 at 7 p.m.
i) Mr. Mrozinski said the continued hearing for the Tabor proposal for 5th Ave will be heard. A
new use for 3301 Ridge, a former professional office, will also be heard.
D) Red Cross Blood Drive – July 30 from 1 to 6 p.m. in the Township auditorium; see the Township
website for details
5) Comments and Other Business
A) Determination of date for joint meeting of Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission. A
joint meeting will be held September 24 to determine joint initiatives in response to zoning
change requests.

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