Channels Lower Providence Township January 15th 2015 - Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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New Business
A) Execution of Residential Solid Waste Collection, Recycling and Disposal contract with J.P.
Mascaro and Sons for 2015-2020.
i) Solicitor Rice noted that since the bid was awarded an issue has arisen regarding recycling
collection days that coincide with holidays. Solicitor Rice said that after a conversation with
counsel for J.P. Mascaro, he recommends that the vote to execute the contract be contingent
on an addendum to the contract which will correct the situation and provide for a Wednesday
pick-up of recyclables, in lieu of yard waste, when regular pick-up days fall on Christmas ans
New Year’s Day.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman made a motion to approve execution of the Residential
Solid Waste Collection, Recycling and Disposal contract with J.P. Mascaro and Sons for
2015-2020 contingent on the addendum as stated by John Rice. Supervisor Duffy seconded
the motion.
(a) Supervisor Duffy thanked Mr. Woodrow for his work on preparing the bid and
working through the process. He feels it is a contract that will provide excellent
service at a fair price to residents.
(b) Supervisor Eckman reiterated her position that while the contract is a very good
option, but she will not vote to approve the plan, as her preference would have been
the lower cost, once per week pick-up.
The motion passed 3-1 with Supervisor Eckman in opposition.Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
January 15, 2015
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B) Authorization to advertise and ordinance amending Chapter 138 of the Township Code to
establish a four-way stop intersection on Eagleville Road at Pinetown Road and Sunnyside
i) Chief Carroll noted that at the November 20, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting McMahon
and Associates was authorized to make an application to PennDOT for a multi-way stop at
this intersection. Verbal authorization was received on December 18 and, in anticipation of
the authorization letter, Chief Carroll requested the Board advertise the amendment for a 30-
day period.
ii) Chairman Sorgini thanked the Chief for his efforts noting that this was an issue that the
Township has been working on for some time.
iii) MOTION: Supervisor Duffy made a motion to authorize the advertisement and ordinance
amending Chapter 138 of the Township Code to establish a four-way stop intersection on
Eagleville Road at Pinetown Road and Sunnyside Avenue. Supervisor Zimmerman seconded
the motion.
(1) Robert Drummey, Stoughton Road, questioned the number of accidents in the area and if
a traffic study had been conducted, expressing concern that this measure would slow
down traffic. Chief Carroll noted that it was a significant accident site and probably the
most studied intersection in the Township. He stated that many intermediate measures,
predicated by traffic studies, had been implemented over the last 13 years and that the
traffic engineers have been involved every step of the way.
(2) Candy Allebach, Eagleville Road, expressed concern regarding winter weather, noting
that a stopping could also cause accidents on unplowed roads. Chief Carroll stated that
supplemental signage is built into the plan, phasing in the new signage with flashing
lights for a four-week period once the signs are installed. He noted that weather is always
part of the conversation and even if there is bad weather 8 to 10 days per year, that still
leaves well over 300 days of increased safety.
(3) Tom Borai, Brenda Lane, expressed approval for the plan noting he can hear accidents at
the intersection from his home.
(4) Cathy Beyer, Arcola Road, suggested brining the roads to increase traction in bad
The motion passed 4-0.
C) Adoption of a resolution authorizing the Mutual Aid Compact for Montgomery county SWAT –
Central Region Team.
i) Chief Carroll gave background on the request, explaining the evolution of tactical teams
throughout the county. He stated from an administrative standpoint the Chiefs of Police
would like to consolidate their resources as much as possible, merging various tactical teams
to form the Montgomery County SWAT – Central Region. This resolution formalizes the
commitment of the governing bodies of the participating communities within the defined
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Eckman made a motion to adopt the resolution authorizing the
Mutual Aid Compact for Montgomery county SWAT – Central Region Team. Supervisor
Zimmerman seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
D) Consideration of preliminary/final plan for S-14-02 Kimco, 2600 Ridge Pike.
i) Geoffrey Glazer, vice-president of development for Kimco Corporation presented the
proposed plan. Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
January 15, 2015
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ii) Mr. Glazer explained that the plan would create three subdivision parcels on the property and
increase the self-storage areas around the building. The self-storage facility on the property
has been very successful and will soon expand to take over an additional 20,000 S.F. on the
property. However, the self-storage facility does not need the current amount of parking. The
sub parcels will consist of the self-storage facility, a larger parcel, which currently houses the
former post-office building, and a parcel with the remaining retail. Mr. Glazer also
announced that they were close to bringing in a food operator into the former Genuardi’s
iii) Questions from the Board:
(a) Mr. Gestrich asked if Parcel Number 2, which includes the existing Metro Storage,
also included the 20,000 S.F. available in the former Kmart building. Mr. Glazer
confirmed that it did.
(b) Supervisor Zimmerman asked how this plan would benefit Kimco. Mr. Glazer said it
would allow them to market the space for different types of usages, including medical
groups, who often want to own their space outright. He also stated a Reciprocal
Easement Agreement (REA) would be enacted by which one tenant would assume
responsibility for managing the entire property. Mr. Glazer said that this is not
uncommon; his company manages 800 properties across the country and most have
subdivided parcels within the property.
(c) Supervisor Duffy questioned Kimco’s intent to sell the self-storage facility. Mr.
Glazer stated there was no intent to do so at this time but since things change all the
time at a corporate level there was no guarantee that it could not happen. Supervisor
Duffy asked how this subdivision would benefit the Ridge Pike Business corridor.
Mr. Glazer opened a discussion about the changing nature of retail, stating that this
would offer them the flexibility to market the product to different types of businesses,
which will bring life to the center. He reiterated the subdivision would not change the
look of the shopping center and it will not be obvious that the parcels are owned by
different entities. Mr. Glazer said that Kimco has been in discussions with potential
businesses for the center that desired the subdivision.
(d) Chairman Sorgini asked if there would be sufficient parking to put a pad site further
out? Mr. Glazer stated there would be and noted that there is parking currently
covered by landscaping that could be utilized if necessary.
(e) Supervisor Eckman reviewed comments from the various review letters: She
questioned whether the fencing at the rear of the existing building could be changed
to something more solid. Mr. Glazer said he was open to the issue and would be
willing to walk the property with Mr. Woodrow, the Township engineer, to see if a
better protection scheme could be created without damaging adjoining property. Mr.
Woodrow noted that this requirement could be added as an addendum to the
agreement. Supervisor Eckman also confirmed that no lighting changes will occur on
the property and that the applicant will be filing an easement as requested by the
Montgomery County Planning Commission. She stated her support for a new tenant
in the former Genuardi’s space and requested that Mr. Glazer let them know if the
Board can assist in any to help secure the tenant.
(f) Supervisor Duffy stated he was not in favor of plan at this time as he feels the plan is
designed to sell the 100,000 S.F. space to Metro Storage, which will secure that
tenant in place for the foreseeable future. Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
January 15, 2015
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(g) Solicitor Rice stated that a resolution would be needed prior to vote. He noted that
there were some details that he needed for the final resolution such as Park &
Recreation fees and the finalization of street plans. Solicitor Rice said that at the
February 5 board meeting he would have a written resolution with all of the
conditions and attachments including clarification of the fence issue.
(h) Supervisor Duffy asked Mr. Glazer how soon would the leasing on the supermarket
space be finalized as that could help change his opinion. Mr. Glazer said he hoped to
have that finalized prior to the next meeting.
(2) Public comments:
(a) Kelbin Carolina, Eagleville, asked Mr. Glazer what the height was for the 100,000
S.F. facility and the square-footage of the former post office. Mr. Glazer stated the
height was 15 to 17 feet. He estimated the total square footage of the former post
office to be between 3,500 to 4,000 S.F. with a ceiling height of approximately 12
(b) Preston Luitweiler, Mockingbird Lane, expressed support for the storage facility and
Kimco’s desire to subdivide the front parcel. However, he didn’t understand the
reason for wanting to subdivide the rest of parcel and asked if this would create nonconformities
for lot sizes, transportation, etc. Supervisor Duffy said that it was
explained the Planning Commission that yes it would not technically be in
compliance with current ordinances but, rather, would a condominium-type
ownership. Mr. Woodrow stated the ordinance provides for this type of ownership.
Mr. Glazer confirmed that as the lots are laid out it is a conforming use and they are
not seeking any waivers.
(c) Michael Comroe, Pinetown Road, noted that the vacant building mentioned by
Supervisor Duffy has been sold and is being developed as a daycare center.
(d) Cathy Beyer, Arcola Road, expressed concern that a shopping center devoted to a
storage facility would not benefit the township. Supervisor Duffy clarified that that
the remaining shopping center would remain retail
(e) Tom Borai, Brenda Lane, feels the lack of retail is more a rental problem than a lack
of opportunity problem, noting corporations should offer more incentives to entice
retail to their facilities.
E) Discussion and consideration of re-appointment of Mary Shaw to the Library Board of Trustees.
i) MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman made a motion to appoint Mary Shaw to the Library
Board of Trustees. Supervisor Eckman seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
F) Discussion and consideration of appointment of Jeremy Brenn to the Finance Committee.
i) MOTON: Supervisor Duffy made a motion to appoint Jeremy Brenn to the Finance
Committee. Supervisor Zimmerman seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

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