Channels Lower Providence Township December 4th 2014 - Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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New Business
A) Discussion and consideration of McDonald’s land development (waiver request)
i) Carl Weiner, HRMM&L, was present on behalf of the applicant. He explained the scope of
the project, which includes remodeling the McDonalds at Trooper & Shannondell Boulevard.
He stated a land development plan has been submitted, however the Planning Commission
felt this was not a land development issue so he is before the board to seek approval to
ii) In response to Solicitor Rice’s inquiry as to the status of the review letters submitted by the
Township consultants, Anthony Capanigro, Bohler Engineering, gave an overview of the
proposed renovations. Mr. Capanigro distributed a letter, dated November 19, 2014 which
responded to the Planning Commission Executive Summary dated November 16, 2014.
(1) Board Comments:
(a) Chairwoman Eckman inquired as to the current stacking for cars. The applicant said it
was currently two to three cars however the proposed plan will allow for 5 to 6 cars
from order point to pay window.
(b) Ms. Zimmerman clarified that the applicant was not seeking any waivers.
(c) Mr. Gestrich asked about the recommendation for a no left turn sign made by the
Chief of Police. Mr. Capanigro said that the applicant and landlord will work on
improving this situation and will abide by the Township engineer recommendations
on the turning situation.Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
December 4, 2014
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(d) Solicitor Rice noted that this had been filed as minor land development. He clarified
plans have not been revised since they were first filed. It is his opinion that this is a
minor subdivision plan and that the applicant has to resolve issues raised by the
consultants. Applicant clarified that they would not be including a storm water
management system but that other landscaping would help with water management.
Rice advised the applicant that they would need to resubmit revised plans, addressing
the issues from the consultants and, once the issues are resolved, come before board
for approval.
(e) Scott Logan, of McDonalds, expressed surprise that a conditional approval was not
granted since this is a minor remodel. He stated they are willing to comply with every
comment, with exception of storm water in landscape area and traffic comments
outside of their lease area. Mr. Rice said the plan was too vague at this point to be
iii) No action was taken at this time.
B) Discussion and consideration of waiver request for fence installation at 2854 Egypt Road
i) Mr. Mrozinski explained the scope of the project, which requires a waiver of the Chapter 81
Fence Ordinance. They are seeking a solid fence in the front yard, which is not permitted
under the ordinance.
ii) Boards comments:
(1) Chairwoman Eckman confirmed that the fence would comply with the current height
restriction of five feet for a front yard fence. She asked if the applicants were present and
Mr. Mrozinski stated that he had informed the applicants they did not need to be in
(2) Discussion was held regarding complaints of trespassing on the property.
(3) Supervisor Duffy expressed a desire to hear from the property owners. Chairwoman
Eckman stated that their reasons for asking for the requested fence were laid out in a
detailed memo submitted to the Zoning Officer.
iii) MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman made a motion to grant the waiver request for fence
installation at 2854 Egypt Road. Chairwoman Eckman seconded the motion. The motion
passed 3-1 with Mr. Thomas opposing.
C) Approval of 2015 Equipment Rental Agreement
i) Mr. Primus gave background on the request stating that the Township enters into an
agreement for equipment rental to assist with paving work and snow removal. Mr. Primus
reached out to three contractors for quotes but only received one bid response which was
from James R. Kenny Excavating and Paving. This is also the company that currently has the
2014 rental agreement. Mr. Primus stated they have been very happy with this contractor and
his prices remained the same for 2015. Solicitor Rice has reviewed the agreement and all is
in order. Mr. Primus requested the Board accept his recommendation for approval of the
2015 Equipment Rental Agreement.
ii) MOTION: Ms. Zimmerman made a motion to approve the 2015 Equipment Rental
Agreement. Supervisor Duffy seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
D) Discussion and consideration of Building Inspection Service Agreement
i) Mr. Gestrich stated that LTL Consultants, Ltd. has been providing Building Inspection
Services to the Township at a rate of $66.75 per hour. In the fall of 2014 LTL requested an
increase of $2 bringing their hourly rate to $68.75. As part of the budgetary process Mr.
Gestrich investigated as to whether this service was cost effective, contacting three firms: Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
December 4, 2014
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Keystone Municipal Services, LTL Consultants, Ltd. and Code Inspection Services. Analysis
of all three proposals showed that Code Inspections Services offers the most effective service
at $61 per hour, offering both experience and value for that amount. He recommends that the
Township execute the Code Inspection Services contract noting that there would be a
possible overlap with LTL of approximately one week.
(1) Supervisor Duffy asked if Mr. Gestrich had worked with Code Inspection Services in
other municipalities. Mr. Gestrich said that he had and that they had provided good
service. Supervisor Duffy asked if he would have control over the staff sent to the
Township. Mr. Gestrich confirmed that he would have control to a certain extent and
Code had already made a shift in staff at the Township’s request.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Duffy made a motion to execute a contract with Code Inspection
Services. Supervisor Thomas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.
E) Authorization to post Act 44 Disclosure Forms on the Township website.
i) Mrs. Golas explained that Act 44 requires that any entity that is compensated through a
municipal pension plan, on an annual basis complete financial disclosure form. Based on
these requirements, two firms needed to complete disclosure forms: Municipal Finance
Partners and INR Services. Ms. Golas requested that the Board authorize these forms be
posted on the Township website.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman made a motion to authorize Ms. Golas to post Act 44
Disclosure forms on the Township website. Supervisor Thomas seconded the motion. The
motion passed 4-0.
3) Old Business
A) Discussion of residential trash and recycling bid.
i) Mr. Woodrow recapped the bidding process. He stated that, ultimately, only two contractors
submitted bids. Upon opening of the two bids, J.P. Mascaro & Sons is the low bid contractor.
Mr. Woodrow explained the various categories which were bid. He said that the prices
quoted by Mascaro are actually lower than residents are currently paying. The reason for the
decreased pricing was due to the need for Mascaro to be more competitive in a week
economy, reduced landfill tipping fees and efficiency in that they would not need to
distribute new toters and the location of the Township relative to J.P. Mascaro. Mr. Woodrow
did note an error, which will be rectified, in the Mascaro bid as to the cost of television pickup.
He was told, verbally, that the cost would be $30 to $40 for television pick-up.
ii) Board comments:
(1) Supervisor Duffy opened a discussion regarding folding the trash service fees into the
resident’s tax bill. Mr. Woodrow stated this would change the bid parameters and require
a new bidding process as well as increasing the Township’s administrative costs.
Supervisor Thomas also noted that this would unfairly impact residents who lived in
condominiums. Supervisor Thomas stated that the bid did address his concerns regarding
volume control options.
iii) This issue will be on the agenda for the December 18 meeting. Comments from residents will
be heard at that point. Chairwoman Eckman asked that the bid summary be placed on the
Township’s website for residents’ review.

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