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Mr. Brennan advised that the DePolo ham radio tower litigation in Tredyffrin Township will be discussed in executive session.


Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Public Education
Mr. Sartor stated that the EPA and the PaDEP require that municipalities provide educational outreach to residents regarding stormwater management and the identification and elimination of stormwater discharge. Handouts from the EPA on Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Minimum Control Measure and Small MS4 Stormwater Program Overview were provided to the Board of Supervisors and the public attending the meeting. Mr. Handforth questioned if pool water could be discharged into stormwater management systems. Mr. Sartor advised only if the water has been de-chlorinated. Mr. Sartor advised that his firm is putting together a power point presentation regarding storrmwater for a public meeting in mid-to-late February. Mrs. Cohen suggested that the presentation could be incorporated into the public forum that is usually held in March at the PCC.

Rebecca Bowser of 102 Magnolia Drive questioned how far away does a discharge have to be to not be considered illicit. Mr. Sartor advised that it is not how far away from a storm drain but what is being discharged into the storm drain.

Guarantee of loan for the VFVF Co.
Mr. Brennan advised that the fire company has applied for a $175,000 low interest loan. The State requires that the Township must guarantee the loan by issuing a General Obligation Note for the amount of the loan. Mr. Brennan is checking to see if in the alternative the Township could put a hold on or escrow a portion of the Capital Fire Company Funds that the Township currently manages. Mr. Brennan stated that a GON can be complicated. The matter will be tabled to the next Board meeting.

Letter to State representatives in support of and requesting state funding for PASD proposed traffic planning improvements.
Mr. Parry read a draft of a letter proposed to be sent to Senator Dinniman, Senator Rafferty and Representative Kampf. Mrs. Cohen stated that the Regional Planning Committee approved recommending a turn lane and updated signalization at the Pothouse Road/Charlestown Road/Bridge Street intersection. She stated that improvements at that intersection should be requested now and that the Township should not wait for some future development that could occur at that end of the Township.

Mr. Mercuri of 26 Saddlebrook Lane questioned why the Township is including the Pickering Glen development in the body of the letter. He stated that the Township never asked for nor received correspondence from Pickering Glen residents that they are in favor of the proposed traffic improvements. Mr. Mercuri stated that as president of the Pickering Glen HOA, he is not in total agreement with the benefits of the improvements from the residents’ perspective. Mr. Morrisson stated that Pickering Glen is mentioned due to the proposed signal at Trotters Drive and the elementary school entrance. Mrs. Cohen stated that Pickering Glen is also mentioned just for a geographical reference.

Motion. On motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Morrisson, and passed, the letter to State representatives in support of and requesting state funding for PASD proposed traffic planning improvements will be sent after being amended to add the intersection of Pothouse/Charlestown/Bridge and specific reference to Pickering Glen being removed from the body of the letter.

Mr. Parry advised those present that the Environmental Advisory Council walked the elementary school site with the PASD to review the trees that are proposed to be removed as well as other environmental issues. He advised that the matter will be discussed at the EAC meeting on December 17.

Donna Moetsch of 16 Meadowbrook Lane requested that the Board of Supervisors look into adopting a noise ordinance. Mr. Brennan stated that a noise ordinance cannot be specific to one property or type of noise and must be applied Township wide. He advised that some municipalities go so far to use decibel meters. The ordinance could be called into play with such things as noisy parties, barking dogs or lawn mowers. Mr. Brennan stated that noise needs to be captured when it is happening. Mr. Mraz of 34 Meadowbrook Lane stated that the residents are requesting an ordinance because of the possibility of the PASD installing a PA system for the playing fields. Ms. Bernadine Clayton of 8 Meadowbrook Lane stated that the ordinance should cover construction noise as well. Mrs. Bird stated that the Township has a construction noise policy in place that developers and builders must adhere to. Mr. Josh Gould, member of the PASD School Board, stated that the plans for the elementary school complex site do not show a PA system. He advised that a PA system will be discussed by the PASD.


Resolution #2014-14 to approve consolidation of amendments and restating the Deferred Comp 457 Plan and adding the ability for employees to apply for loans from their individual 457 plans.

Mrs. Bird stated that that the 457 Plan is solely funded by Township employees and the Township is the pass-through entity that allows employee participation.

Motion. On motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Handforth, and passed, Resolution #2014-14 to approve consolidation of amendments and restating the Deferred Comp 457 Plan and adding the ability for employees to apply for loans from their individual 457 plans was approved.


Consideration of waiver requests for the Valley Forge Meadows, Inc. (Nolen) proposed apartment complex and possible action on the preliminary plan.

Mr. Morrisson stated that he, the Township Engineer and members of the EAC walked the 19.02 acres that is not being built upon with Mr. Nolen and his engineer. He advised that it may be feasible to install a paved walking path to the sidewalk terminus at Revolutionary Boulevard. Mr. Handforth stated that was previously reviewed and found that trees would need to be cut down and retaining walls to be built. Mr. Morrisson stated that the walking path is further in on the site and not along Pawling Road so there would be minimal tree removal. Mr. Handforth advised that Mr. Nolen does not want a walking path connected to the proposed apartments and the residents of the Meadows at Valley Forge do not want a sidewalk/walking path/trail connected to their development or existing sidewalks.

Mrs. Cohen stated that she is in favor of trails but she also respects the privacy of the residents. She stated that potential renters of the proposed apartments would more likely rent if there was a trail amenity that they could utilize. Mrs. Cohen advised that she would like a modified trail design on part of the property to be developed that would not link to the Meadows or Revolutionary Boulevard. Mr. Morrisson stated that a walking path is not a trail. He advised that a walking path is ADA compatible, at least 5’ wide and paved.

Mr. Brennan stated that the SALDO requires a sidewalk for which the developer could request a waiver. The developer could agree to a possible compromise with a walking path. He advised that any discussion regarding a conservation easement on the 19.02 undeveloped acres is tabled.

Mr. Beran of 538 Red Coat Lane questioned if the trail would only be used by those living in the apartment. Mrs. Cohen stated “yes”; Mr. Morrisson stated “no”. Mr. Nolen stated that a walking path/trail system request is getting out of hand. He stated that the Open Space Commission and Natural Lands Trust requested a dirt trail for people such as bird watchers. He stated it has now become a paved pathway that could be as expensive as a sidewalk. Mr. Nolen stated that a paved path becomes a liability issue for him with the possible use of mini bikes, etc. on the path. He stated that a 4’ wide stone walking path is no problem. Mr. Nolen stated that he never asked for a walking path.

Mr. Morrisson stated that granite curbs would enhance the apartment development. He advised that the granite curbs should be installed from the right-of-way into the parking area in lieu of granite curbing in the entire development.

Motion: On motion by Mr. Parry, seconded by Mrs. Cohen, and passed, with Mr. Handforth dissenting, the Board of Supervisors approved the following waivers and tabled discussion regarding the waiver for a sidewalk:
SECTION 401.C.1d – Locating individual trees on the site;
SECTION 401.D.15 – Locating individual trees to remain;
SECTION 502.B.4.d & 502.e.7 – Providing a minimum 3% grade within 50’ from any intersection;
SECTION 518.D.3 – Grading and earth disturbance within the right-of-way;
SECTION 503.B.1 – Providing stopping area 20’ behind right-of-way exceeding 4%;
SECTION 514.B.1 – Showing existing vegetation with a caliper of 2” or more;
SECTION 520.G – Preparing a vegetation preservation plan;
SECTION 503.C.3 – Location and placement of driveways serving as private street complying with Section 503.B; and,
SECTION 514.D.4 – Locating required street trees elsewhere on the property.
As to the waiver request for Section 504.B to provide granite curbing, the waiver is granted for the installation of granite curb along Pawling Road; however, granite curbs are to be installed from the tract (site) boundary line coincident with the Pawlings Road right-of-way line to the beginning of the parking lot on both sides of the entrance driveway for the development.
Consideration of the preliminary/final plan for the Shirley Fogal lot line revision at 23-25 Oakwood Lane.

Mr. Glen Kelczewski of Bercek and Smith Engineering, Inc. gave a brief overview of the lot line revision plan. He stated that the lot line revision removed the lot line from being right next to the existing barn and allows the entire driveway to be shown entirely on one lot. Mr. Brennan questioned why there were two homes on one lot. The two homes are an existing non-conforming use on the one lot.

Motion. On motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Morrisson, and passed, the Board of Supervisors approved the preliminary/final plan approval for the Shirley Fogal Lot Line revision at 23-25 Oakwood Lane.

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