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East Whiteland Board of Supervisors
December 13, 2017
MEETING AGENDA (Revised 12/12/2017)
1. Public Work Session: None
2. Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
3. Commendations & Announcements:
? Rich Orlow – Over 25 Years of Service to East Whiteland Township: Board of
Supervisors, Zoning Hearing Board & Planning Commission (BH)
? Excellence in Financial Reporting Award from Government Finance Officers
Association for Fiscal Year 2016 – Administration & Finance Departments (JN)
? Local Girl Scout Achieves Gold Award – Allison Diefenderfer (DW)
? Student Volunteer from Great Valley High School - Amish Saini (RO)
4. Public Comment: General
5. Reports and Communications from Boards and Commissions:
? East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association – President & Chief
? Park & Recreation Board (Barbara-Ann Thav, Chair) – Battle of the Clouds Park
? Volunteer Boards & Commissions – Chairs (In Attendance)
6. Board Motions & Resolutions (Consider Board Action):
a. Bishop Tube - Consider extension of time for the Board to render a decision for
Bishop Tube Preliminary Plans until January 11, 2018 (SG)
b. Final Approval of 2018 Budget (JN)
c. Approval of 2018 Tax Levy (No Tax Increase) (JN)
d. Five Year Financial Plan (First Draft) - Public Financial Management (JN)
e. Promotion of Matt Fink to Deputy Director of Codes & Life Safety for Fire &
EMS Division (JN)
f. Promotion of Steve Brown to Director of Property & Recreation (JN)
g. Prohibition of the Placement and Operation of a Category 4 Licensed Casino
Facility with the Boundaries of East Whiteland Township (JM)
h. Consider Expansion of Board of Supervisors to Five Members (RO)
i. Motion to Advertise: None
j. Motion to Award:
i. Contract for Anti-Skid/Crushed Stones – Glasgow Inc. (WS)
k. Consider Sending Township Solicitor to Zoning Hearing Board to Support or
Oppose (SB):
i. 2017-24, Patrick & Diana Louden, 23 Woodview Road, for variances
from the 35’ front setback requirement to construct an addition and deck
December 13, 2017 – Board of Supervisors Agenda Page 2
ii. 2017-25, H.P. Flanagan, Inc., 100 Bacton Hill Road, for variances from
the 100’ front setback requirement for six new proposed building lots
7. Plans (SG):
a. Consider motion to approve resolutions for the following land development plans.
i. Resolution 2017-51 Great Valley Community Organization
Preliminary/Final Plan: Proposed construction of a 41,128 sf community
sports facility. Property is zoned I Industrial and is approximately 7.0
acres in size.
ii. Resolution 2017-52 North Bacton Hill Road Partners, LLC:
Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan: Proposing the construction of
a 14,742 sf building addition to the already existing 20,154 sf facility and
a 4,500 sf storage building, with associated parking and stormwater
management facilities. The property is zoned Industrial and is
approximately 8.5 acres in size
iii. Resolution 2017-54 Benedix Contracting Preliminary/Final Plan:
Proposed construction of two one-story building additions totaling
approximately 9,291 sf. The property is located at 75 N. Bacton Hill Road,
is zoned O/BP and is approximately 2.2 acres in size.
8. Public Hearings (JM): None
9. Consent Agenda:
a. Approval of the Meeting Minutes from October 11, November 8 and November
21, 2017 (DW).
b. Consider extension of time for the Board to render a decision for the following
i. None.
c. Approve Traffic Signal Permit Form (PADOT TE-160) resolution for the
following intersections (SG):
i. Route 29 NB for access into the proposed bank pad site on the SE corner
of Route 29 and Atwater Drive.
ii. Sproul Road (SR 352) and King Road (SR 2022) for the installation of
four-section signal heads to better indicate the existing split phase.
d. First and final release of financial security for People’s Light and Theater
Company in the amount of $29,359.83 (SG)
e. Final release of financial security for Villa Maria Academy in the amount of
$17,834.85 (SG)
10. Reports and Communications from Township Staff:
? Department Heads & Managers (Police Chief, Public Works Director, Zoning
Officer, Planning & Development Director)
? Township Manager
11. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report: None
December 13, 2017 – Board of Supervisors Agenda Page 3
12. Ratification of the Payment of Bills (CK)
13. Announcements:
? Executive Sessions were held on November 8 (at 6pm and post meeting), November
15 at 7pm, November 21 at 4:25pm, December 6 at 4pm and December 13 at 6pm.
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14. Meeting Adjournment

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