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Phoenixville Borough Council Meeting
Tuesday, August 8, 2017
7:00 PM
I. Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance
II. Roll Call – Borough Manager
III. Consider Approval of the July 11, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes
IV. Presentations
Swearing in of Lieutenant Brian Marshall
Swearing in of Sergeant Bryan MacIntyre
Swearing in of Corporal Nicholas Natale
V. Conditional Use Hearing – None
VI. Public Participation
VII. Appointments
A. Call for Residents interested in being appointed to various Boards and
B. Interview and Consider Resolution to appoint Matthew Ruth to the Zoning
Hearing Board to fill the vacancy which term expires January 31, 2018.
C. Consider resignation of Jackie Woodson from the Tree Advisory
D. Interview and consider appointment of Joseph Christopher to the
unexpired term on the Tree Advisory Commission.
VIII. Communications/Council Participation
IX. Mayor’s Report
X. New Business
A. Review ZHB Application from 801 Montgomery Avenue regarding a
variance request to the Borough’s Zoning Ordinance to have a deck
installed in their backyard and to determine whether to send Borough
representation to the August 16, 2017 Zoning Hearing Board Meeting.
XI. Resolutions - None
A. A Resolution authorizing the submission of a Vision Partnership Program
(VPP) Grant Application to the Chester County Planning Commission.
XII. Public Hearings
A. Consider an Ordinance amendment to Chapter 15, “Motor Vehicles and
Traffic,” Part 4, “General Parking Regulations,” Section 15-406,
“Handicapped Parking Zones,” and Section 15-410 “Residential Permit
B. Consider an Ordinance amendment to Chapter 13 “Licenses, Permits,
and General Business Regulations”, Part 13 “Special Events.”
XIII. Reports of Committees, Boards, and Commissions
A. Planning Commission – (Kuznar)
1. No Action to Report.
B. Historical Architectural Review Board – (Dugan)
1. Consider approval of the Sign Request for 22 S. Main Street.
HARB meets on August 7.
2. Consider approval of the Sign Request for 205 Bridge Street.
HARB meets on August 7.
3. Consider approval of the Repair Request for 305 Bridge Street.
HARB meets on August 7.
C. Regional Planning Commission – (Ewald)
D. Recreation Board – (Dugan)
E. Beautification Advisory Commission – (Soto)
XIV. Council Action referred from Council Committees
A. Parks and Recreation Committee – (Soto, Dugan, Kovaleski)
1. No Action to Report
B. Policy Committee – (Dalton, Doherty. Soto)
1. No Action to Report.
C. Police and Personnel Committee – (Doherty, Kuznar, Ewald)
1. No Action to Report.
D. Infrastructure Committee – (Ewald, Dalton, Kovaleski)
1. Consider Borough Engineer’s recommendation to award the Flash
Mix Tank Liner project to JH Waters, Inc. in the amount of
$18,109.70. Recommended in Committee 2-0.
2. Consider Borough Engineer’s proposal to design and engineer the
Solar Panel Project for the Streets Facility Building at a cost not to
exceed $18,264. Recommended in Committee 2-0.
E. Finance Committee – (Dugan, Kuznar, Ichter, Kovaleski)
1. Consider approval of the 2017 Pre-Paid dated 6/10/2017 - 7/3/2017
in the amount of $814,281.97. Recommended in Committee 4-0.
2. Consider approval of the 2017 Pre-Paid ACH dated 6/30/2017 in
the amount of $2,412.62. Recommended in Committee 4-0.
3. Consider Budget Increase 2017-06 in the amount of $6,000 from
Water Fund Balance to Sample Analysis for additional DEP sample
Analysis requirements. Recommended in Committee 4-0.
4. Consider Budget Increase 2017-07 in the amount of $4,718 from
Fund Balance to each Park Account for park signage.
Recommended in Committee 4-0.
5. Consider Resolution establishing Borough Credit Card Program.
Recommended in Committee 2-1. Mr. Kovaleski voting No.
6. Consider Staff recommendation to write-off uncollectible accounts.
Recommended in Committee 4-0.
XV. Public Participation
XVI. Staff Reports
A. Manager’s Report
B. Police Chief’s Report
C. Fire Chief’s Report
D. Code Director’s Report
E. Public Works Director’s Report
F. Finance Director’s Report
XVII. Old Business
XVIII. Executive Session – Personnel, Real Estate, and Litigation
XIX. Adjournment

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