Channels Lower Providence Township August 7th 2014 - Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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Ms. Paula Meszaros was present to take a complete record of testimony
A) Conditional Use Hearing – CU 14-04/357 Level Road
i) Solicitor Reiss explained that the conditional use application was filed by Louis Gambone.
No one who was present entered to be a party to the hearing. Exhibits were entered into the
ii) Louis Gambone was sworn in as a witness and explained the scope of the project. Mr.
Gambone agreed with the statements made in Mr. Woodrow’s review letter dated July 16. He
is also willing to adhere to the recommendations suggested in the July 17 letter.
iii) Supervisor Duffy confirmed that his property abuts the currently closed Arcola Road and that
Mr. Gambone surrendered land for the proposed reconstruction of the Arcola Road bridge.
He also clarified that the grading is being requested as a result of having the newly
constructed bridge next to his property.
iv) Dan Bliss, 3593 Arcola Road, stated he lives across the street and is aware of the flood plain
in the area. He is one of the few properties in the area and does not anticipate that the
changes will affect the flood plain. Mr. Bliss expressed support for the project. Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
August 7, 2014
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v) Mr. Woodrow added that his conclusions in his review are consistent with those presented by
Mr. Gambone and agrees that there would be no adverse impact on the community should the
Conditional Use be granted.
vi) Supervisor Duffy closed the hearing.
vii)MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman a motion to grant the request for a Conditional Use of
CU 14-04/357 Level Road, subject to the two condition stated in Mr. Woodrow letter:
(1) Show limits of the 100 year floodplain on the existing plan.
(2) Describe the maximum fill heights within the area of grading on the plan.
Supervisor Thomas seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.
4) New Business
A) Consideration of request for waiver of Conditional Use Fee for CU 14-04/357 Level
i) Louis Gambone requested that fees be waived as he is working with County and Township
with conjunction to the bridge work and would like the Township to waive the fees as a
result of his cooperation.
ii) Supervisor Zimmerman questioned making a decision that evening or waiting until the full
Board was present.
iii) MOTION: Supervisor Thomas made motion to table the decision until the August 21
meeting when the full Board will be present. Supervisor Zimmerman seconded the motion.
The motion passed 3-0
B) Discussion and consideration of an award of pension administration contract.
i) Geri Golas reviewed the work of the Township Pension Committees and their process to
unanimously appoint InR Advisory Services to manage the Township’s pension fund and 457
and 401(a) funds. She requested the board award the Pension Professional Services contract
to InR Advisory Services and authorize the Township Manager to execute all documents
necessary to facilitate the change from our current administrator of Morgan Stanley Smith
Barney to InR Advisory Services
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Thomas made a motion to appoint InR Advisory Services per Mrs.
Golas’ request. Supervisor Zimmerman seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0
(1) Michael Black of InR Advisory Services thanked the Board and expressed his willingness
to work with the Township.
(2) Mr. Gestrich asked, if the Board requested, would Michael Black of InR be willing to
serve on Finance committee, Mr. Black agreed.
The motion passed 3-0
C) Discussion and consideration of authorization to advertise audit RFP.
i) Susan Law requested that the board award a three-year contract for auditing services,
beginning in 2014, to RKI, LLP that expired with the audit of 2013.
ii) MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman make a motion to move forward with RFP as stated by
Susan Law, Supervisor Thomas seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0
D) Consideration and approval of the Dissolution of Assets –five police department vehicles,
miscellaneous Public Works equipment and a postage meter - through a public auction.
i) Lt. Stanley Turtle explained how police department is requesting to dissolve assets in the
form of five vehicles ranging in age from five to eleven years old. They have been removed
from service and replaced with newer vehicles. The request is being made in conformance
with the Second Class Township Code.
ii) John Primus stated that the public works has eight pieces of minor equipment that has not
been used in many years and requests that it be sent to auction.Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
August 7, 2014
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iii) Richard Gestrich requested the sale of a postage meter replaced in 2013
iv) Duffy listed the equipment as including the following:
(1) Police Department: 2003 Acura, 2005 Ford Explorer, 2008 Ford Expedition, 2008 Nissan
Altima, 2009 Ford Fusion.
(2) Public Works: 1982 tar kettle, 2000 Ford dump truck, 2004 tire changer, 1997 tire
balancer, 1995 welder, 1996 battery charger, 2000 stripe line painter and a 1982 bumper
v) Supervisor Thomas made a motion to move forward with dissolution of assets as outlined by
the three departments. Supervisor Zimmerman seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0
E) Discussion and consideration of the approval of the settlement between Kimco’s of Eagleville,
Inc. and the Methacton School District and Lower Provident Township regarding a tax
assessment appeal.
i) Solicitor Reiss reviewed the background of the case. The County and the school district
reached settlement with Kimco that would require the Township to refund approximately
$16,000 for 2012 and 2013. Solicitor John Rice has recommended this settlement as it will
assist the school district in reaching their settlement.
ii) Supervisor Duffy clarified that Kimco paid the Township $16,000 in excess taxes and they
are now due a refund of those monies.
iii) MOTION: Supervisor Zimmerman made a motion to recommend the settlement of the
Kimco and Methacton School District settlement regarding the tax assessment appeal.
Supervisor Thomas seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0
F) Consideration and approval of agreement with Audubon Water Company for two full service
i) Charles DeFrancesco discussed the need to replace two maintenance hydrants located at
Buckwalter and Lawrence Roads and Lantern and Thrush Lanes with full service hydrants.
He stated Audubon Water Company is in agreement and will cover the cost of equipment and
installation. Audubon Water Company request that the Township cover the monthly rental
ii) Supervisor Zimmerman asked the amount of the current rental fee. Mr. DeFrancesco said it
was $19.46 per hydrant with all hydrants in Township currently budgeted at $109,072. Mr.
DeFrancesco discussed the need for hydrant in regard to fire safety. Kenneth McNillis of 16
Buckwalter Road solicited 53 signatures from residents in neighborhood in support of the
iii) Supervisor Duffy asked when the hydrants would be in service. Mr. DeFrancesco said that
Audubon Water Company had maintenance scheduled for September. If the hydrants are
approved he will work toward having the hydrants installed at that time.
iv) MOTION: Supervisor Thomas made a motion to go forward with agreement as outlined with
Audubon Water Company for two full service hydrants. Supervisor Zimmerman seconded
the motion. The motion passed 3-0.
(1) Supervisor Duffy recognized residents who have worked in support of the installation of
full service hydrants in their neighborhood.
(2) Supervisor Thomas asked if a survey could be conducted to determine how many non-full
service hydrants are in Township. Mr. DeFrancesco stated that these requested hydrants
would replace the only two public hydrants paid for by the Township.
The motion passed 3-0.Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting
August 7, 2014
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5) Old Business
A) Discussion and consideration of Refuse and Recycling Collection and associated alternatives
i) Supervisor Duffy requested public contact Township with feedback on their current trash
service and what they’d like to see moving forward.
ii) Supervisor Thomas clarified that the Board was looking for feedback on the current two-tier
system and if how that affects residents who feel they don’t require twice weekly pickup. He
noted the current contract has been in effect for five years and they would like feedback
before committing to another multi-year contract.
B) Financial Report for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2014
i) Mr. Gestrich reviewed the Financial Report for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2014 (See
ii) In response to questions from Supervisor Thomas, Mr. Gestrich stated the monthly payment
amount for road resurfacing loan was $113,000. He also stated that the better than expected
expenditures were the result of small actions as opposed to larger savings. Mr. Gestrich noted
that the Township was also doing well in the legal fees category

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