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Old Business

Legal Matters

Nothing to report.

Overstreet Mobile Home Park – James Keller 22 Second Street

Mr. Keller was not present; the agenda item was tabled to a future date.

Stormwater Concerns – 1637 Jones Lane

The property owner was not present, the agenda item was tabled to a future date.

New Business

Discussion: Phoenixville Area School District (“PASD”) – Public Facilities Zone Ordinance Amendment

Dr. Fegley, Mr. Gould, and Mr. Belwoar gave an overview of the PASD’s long range facilities planning process; Mr. Gould cited increasing elementary school enrollment figures leading to a gap of 350 seats in 2017 between available seats and enrolled students. Mr. Gould stated that in the short-term, this need could be met with modular classrooms but this is not how the PASD envisions delivering a curriculum to its students. Dr. Fegley summarized the District’s extensive search for suitable properties to adequately grow the PASD with the focus being on its youngest (K-5) students. Dr. Fegley then presented to the Board the PASD’s concept plan for its proposed education center on the former Meadowbrook Golf Course property, pointing out that on the proposed plan, buildings are to be constructed at the back of the property to centralize the new buildings with the present middle school and high school; this will assist in reducing costs. Dr. Fegley said an entrance for car traffic only is proposed on Pothouse Road at Trotters Drive and a separate bus entrance will be on State Road. He also mentioned that the additional fields on the concept plan should make it possible to reduce bus trips for students since they will not have to travel to practice fields elsewhere. It was noted that there are two historic buildings currently on the Meadowbrook property; Dr. Fegley assured the Board that the PASD’s plan is to maintain these buildings. Dr. Fegley advised Township residents that the concept plan was available for viewing at the PASD and two “Meetings with Neighbors” had been scheduled, August 12, 2014 and September 9, 2014, to give residents a chance to further review the concept plan and present any questions or concerns they might have on the proposed center. Dr. Fegley closed by stating this concept has many pluses including the fact that the property is central to the entire PASD, and the new buildings allow room to give the children a learning environment which will provide the early educational start needed.

Mr. Bellwoar said that the PASD has submitted a proposal to Schuylkill Township for consideration to re-zone all PASD properties in the Township to the Public Facilities Zone.

Mrs. Cohen commented that the concept plan is excellent; rational, reasonable, and comprehensive.

Mr. Handforth question whether PASD has met with Schuylkill Township’s Chief of Police and the Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company Chief to discuss any additional protection or security measures the new education center might need. Dr. Fegley responded that PASD has always had an excellent working relationship with the Township’s police department and does not foresee any future issues concerning the new school.

Several residents expressed concern about the traffic problems already existing on Pothouse Road and how the new school will exacerbate the issues. Dr. Fegley said PASD proposes to improve the Route 29 & Pothouse Road intersection with the installation of left turn lanes, and believes this will help traffic move more smoothly.

Mr. Parry assured residents that PASD and the Township understand the magnitude of this project and suggested that residents attend the Township Planning Commission meeting when PASD puts the educational center plan before the Commission.

2013 Audit Report Real Estate Tax Collector

Motion. On a motion by Ms. Majewski, seconded by Mrs. Cohen, and passed the Board approved and accepted the Independent Auditor’s Report, submitted by Barbacane Thornton & Co., LLP on July 18, 2014, for the 2013 Current Real Estate Taxes and Interim Taxes Collected for the Period January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013.

Resolutions / Ordinances

Resolution 2014-10: Authorizing the Township to become a Permanent Associate Member of the Central Westmoreland Council of Governments

Motion. On a motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Parry, and passed, the Board of Supervisors approved and adopted Resolution 2014-10: Authorizing Schuylkill Township to become a Permanent Associate Member of the Central Westmoreland Council of Governments for the period September 30, 2014 to September 30, 2015.

Resolution 2014-11: Regarding Township Repair of Water Drainage and Stormwater Drainage on Private Property

It was the consensus of the Board that this item be tabled to a future date.

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