Channels Lower Providence Township August 21st 2014 - Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors Meeting

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New Business
A) Discussion and consideration for approval of LD 13-04/Shannondell Meadows Phase 5.2.
i) Mr. Mrozinski gave a short overview of the project.
ii) Bernadette Kearney, representing Audubon Land Development, introduced consultants Kim
Kryder, Brad Macy and Frank Montgomery to the Board. She addressed issues in the various
review letters regarding the projects.
(1) Regarding the Suburban Lighting letters she indicated that they had previously agreed to
comply with the existing lighting on the property to keep a consistent look.
(2) Blanket Easements will be given to the Township for the use of Shannondell Boulevard
for emergency purposes only.
(3) The reverse subdivision lot consolidation was discussed at the last hearing and was
discussed with Solicitor Rice. A review is underway to determine if a unilateral
declaration has already been recorded indicating that the lots cannot be sold off.
(4) Blanket easements will be granted to the Township and noted on the plan for storm water
and drainage.

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