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Old Business

Legal Matters

Mr. Brennan had nothing to report.

Valley Park Planning

Mrs. Cohen asked the Township Engineer what the next step(s) should be in the development of Township-owned Valley Park. Mr. Sartor said that the Township now needs to develop a fully engineered plan inclusive of all permitting aspects. The engineered plan will be required for any development grant applications. Mr. Sartor explained that even though the plan is fully developed, the park itself could be built in stages. Discussion ensued regarding the Schuylkill Highland Grant application being sought by Mrs. Cohen. It was the consensus of the Board of Supervisors that the original Valley Park Planning Task Force be reconvened to develop a road map for the engineered plan and grant submittals.

29 S. Whitehorse Road

Mr. Newhams distributed a copy of the letter prepared by him and sent to Mrs. Ann Coleman property owner, regarding the repair/boarding up of the windows of the house located at 29 S. Whitehorse Road in the Township. Mr. Morrisson objected to the closing up of the building stating his concern that a closed house would generate a mold problem. Mr. Newhams responded that the primary issue with this house is that it is vacant; vacant buildings are uncared for and deteriorate. Mr. Brennan added that the letter was sent to Mrs. Cole as a result of a consensus reached during a meeting held in his office on March 21, 2014 which included Mr. Newhams, Mr. Brennan, Mr. Morrisson, Ms. Yocom, Zoning Administration Officer, and Mrs. Momyer.

Mrs. Momyer commented that the Historic Commission felt they were not being kept up to date on the issue(s) surrounding this and other historic properties in the Township.

Municipal Complex Roof Inspection

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Handforth, seconded by Ms. Majewski, and passed, the Board accepted the Exterior Inspection of Township Building and Maintenance Building report submitted by Peach Inspections on March 26, 2014 and authorized the Township Manager to have the recommended repairs made.

New Business

Appointment of Environmental Advisory Council Member

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Morrisson, seconded by Mrs. Cohen, and passed, the Board of

Supervisors accepted and approved the appointment of Ayut Patel as an Associate member of the Environmental Advisory Council for a three year term to expire January 2016...

Appraisal Funding for Open Space Parcel H

Motion. On a motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Handforth, and passed, the Board of

Supervisors approved the funding of an appraisal not to exceed $10,000.00 for Open Space Parcel H contingent upon the property owner approval of summary restrictions.

Zoning Hearing Board Application 305 Kimberton Road Self Storage Facility

Mr. Murray, Jr., attorney for the property owner, Falco Family Trust, gave an overview of the proposal to develop the property located at 305 Kimberton Road (UPI No. 27-2-81) with a self-storage facility, an accessory office, access driveway and parking areas and discussed the zoning relief being requested from Section 370-148, Section 370-93, Section 370-164, Section 370-223.C and Section 370-181.B (12) of the Zoning Ordinance.

Transportation and Communication Development Initiative (“TCDI”) Grant Application

Mr. Morrisson reviewed the requirements for the TCDI grant application and outlined his proposal to submit an application to fund a sidewalk feasibility study in the Township. Mr. Morrisson proposed the study encompass Route 23 from Country Club Road to the Borough of Phoenixville line, and Pawling Road from Route 23 to Ferry Lane. Discussion ensued regarding the ramifications of such a study. The Board continued further discussion of the TCDI Grant application to the May 7, 2014 meeting.

Resolutions / Ordinances

Advertise Amendment to Article IX Zoning Ordinance Historic Resource Protection Standards

Motion. On a motion by Mr. Morrisson seconded by Mrs. Cohen and passed, the Board of

Supervisors approved the advertising of the Amendment to Article IX Zoning Ordinance Historic Resource Protection Standards, § 370-53 D.(5) Revisions to Historic Properties Map.

Advertise an Ordinance Adopting Minimum Standards Applicable to Emergency Communications Systems within Structures

Motion. On a motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Morrisson and passed, the Board of

Supervisors approved the advertising of Emergency Communications Systems (Amplification) Ordinance Application to Emergency Communications Systems within Structures.

Subdivisions/Land Development

Discussion –297 S. Whitehorse Road (UPI# 27-6-34)

Motion. On a motion by Mrs. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Parry and passed, the Board of Supervisors declined the acceptance of the ultimate right-of-way on Mill Road; waived the monument requirement on Mill Road; agreed that the Township would petition Aqua to install a fire hydrant at 297 S. Whitehorse Road provided that the installation would be at no cost to the Township; authorized the developer to move forward provided that the Developer’s Agreement meets the satisfaction of the Township Solicitor; and deferred the Post-Construction Stormwater Management Agreement and Plan with the associated required Escrow deposit until a Building Permit Application is submitted to the Township.

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