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East Whiteland Board of Supervisors
APRIL 11, 2018
AGENDA (Revised April 10, 2018)
Work Session (Discussion):
? Linden Hall project status (SD)
? Ivy Prep Sewer (SB)
? Construction Trailer on Route 30 (72 Lancaster Avenue) (SB)
1. Action Meeting (SD):
a) Call to Order By Chair
b) Pledge of Allegiance
c) Announcements
i. Cardiac Arrest Save – Police and Codes & Life Safety (CY & MF)
ii. Chris Strauss - 25 years of service as East Whiteland Forest Fire Warden
by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (DCNR) (MF)
iii. EWTVFC Board - LEED Certified Building (Rob Fenza & Joe Rubino)
iv. Linden Hall – Progress Report (SD)
v. Executive Sessions were held on March 14 (post meeting) and April 3 at
4pm (all sessions were held to discuss personnel matters).
d) Public Comment: General (For items not specifically listed on the Agenda)
e) Reports and Communications from Boards and Commissions:
i. East Whiteland Volunteer Fire Association – President & Chief (GS &
ii. Volunteer Boards & Commissions – Chairs (In Attendance)
1. Public Hearings
a) Act 209 Highway/Traffic Capital Improvements Assessments – Ordinance No. –
2018 (JM)
2. Board Motions & Resolutions (Consider Board Action):
a) EWTVFC Board - Proposed Fire Apparatus Purchases (2) (JN)
b) Route 352 and King Road Improvements - East Whiteland Township & East
Goshen Township (CW & CY)
c) Transportation Briefing, including status of traffic calming measures on Carol
Lane (CW & CY)
d) Consider Letter of Support - Immaculata University recently applied for 2018
Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) funding for a
track project for its existing campus stadium (JN)
e) Authorize Proposal from McMahon for Trail Alignment Evaluation between
Sidley Road and the Chester Valley Trail (SB)
f) Consider Passage of Ordinance No. – 2018 Act 209 Assessments (CW & NM)
g) Motion to Advertise (WS): None
h) Motion to Award (WS): Valley Creek Park Retaining Wall Project – Award to
James R. Kenney Excavating & Paving, Inc.
i) Resolution 19-2018 – Disposition Resolution for Destruction of Specific Records
j) Approval of ARLE BID
k) Consider Sending Township Solicitor to Zoning Hearing Board to Support or
Oppose (SB):
i. ZHB 2018 – 3. 476 Lancaster Avenue, appeal of Eadeh Family Limited
Partnership for special exceptions and variances to allow the
expansion/enlargement of the abutting mobile home park onto the subject
ii. ZHB 2018 – 4. 224 N. Phoenixville Pike, appeal of the Great Valley
School District for a special exception to erect a baseball scoreboard.
iii. ZHB 2018 – 5. 508 Atwater Drive, appeal for a special exception for roof
mounted solar panels.
3. Plans (SB):
a) Consider having the Solicitor draft resolutions for consideration at the April
meeting for the following developments: None
b) Consider motion to approve waivers for the following land development plans
i. Swedesford Square (LCOR) storm water management ordinance waivers
4. Consent Agenda (Consider Board Action):
a) Approve Meeting Minutes from February 27, 2018, March 14, 2018 and March
20, 2018 (DW)
b) Renewal of Employment Agreement with Township Manager (JN)
c) Partial Refund of Building (Deck Railing) Permit Fee ($405.56) - 36 Broad Leaf
Trail (JN)
d) Ratification of DocStar (Electronic Records) Maintenance Contract (JN)
e) Approval of Aerial ITS (Variable Message Boards) PennDOT Cooperative
Agreement (CY)
f) Ratification of Proposal for Renovations of Two Offices (JN)
g) Approve Conditional Job Offer for Public Works Skilled Road Maintenance
Worker (JN)
h) Approve Tax Assessment Appeal Settlement (JN) – None
i) Approve Park pavilion rental fees (SB)
j) Municibid Sale Items
k) Consider Extension of Time for Board to Render a Decision for the Following
Projects (SB):
i. 1530 Morstein Road subdivision plan
ii. Malin Road Development (Bishop Tube) Subdivision Plan
5. Reports and Communications from Township Staff:
a) Department Heads & Managers (Acting Police Chief, Public Works Director,
Zoning Officer, Property & Recreation Director and Planning & Development
b) Township Manager
6. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report (CK): As of February 28, 2018
7. Ratification of the Payment of Bills (CK): Checks Totaling $523,839.79
8. Meeting Adjournment
Future Public Hearings or Meetings:
Parks & Recreation Board Meeting
April 24, 2018, 7pm
Planning Commission Meeting
April 25, 2018, 7:30pm
Zoning Hearing Board Meeting
April 23, 2018, 7:15pm
Historical Commission
May 2, 2018, 7:30pm
Environmental Advisory Council Meeting
May 3, 2018, 7:30pm

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